Tips On Using Procreate Brushes For Beginning Artists

Tips On Using Procreate Brushes For Beginning Artists

Whether you’re a mobile artist or just someone who dabbles in digital art, Procreate brushes are for anybody. With that said, what makes these different from regular Photoshop brushes is the fact that they have additional features. The other thing is the sheer number of brushes it offers, even if you purchase each and everyone being offered at the cost of $59.99, you’re still saving a lot from the price if you were to buy them separately.

Using brushes on software like Procreate to make drawings and other works of art can be a challenge initially. But once you get used to it, drawing with the help of Procreate brushes will be fun and enjoyable.

1. Study The Brushes For Procreate First

It is important to understand first the different brush sets that are available for you on Procreate before you can effectively utilize them. If you understand how they work, using them will be easier and faster later on. Also, it is important to be familiar with the tools that are available in Procreate so you would know which brush set you should use for a certain task.

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2. Use The Finger As A Guide In Drawing Lines

Since iOS devices have no graphic input devices, drawing lines by just touching the screen can be tough at first. To make it easier, you can use your finger to guide the lines while drawing them. If you are using a stylus, hold it lightly on the screen while drawing.

3. Experiment With Different Strokes For Free Procreate Brushes

Besides using different brush sizes to draw lines or create shapes, try out other stroke variations that are available as well. Try for example the fat and thin strokes because these create a special effect in your drawings. You can also change the spacing and angle for some interesting effects as well.

4. Set The Brush Controls

In Procreate, there are some brush controls that you have to set first before using different brush settings on some templates. In some cases, you would need to set some of these beforehand so they can work as you want them to. It is best to preview first the default settings before you can alter them.

5. Get Used To Drawing With Your Fingers First

Again, since iPads or iPhones do not have graphic input devices yet, drawing with your fingers will be a challenge at first so you have to get used to it if you want to use Procreate brushes successfully.

6. Take Advantage Of The Symmetry Feature To Draw Faster

Procreate is one of the best brushes apps because it has severalenjoyable features that you can utilize in improving your skills in digital drawing or painting. One of these is the symmetry feature which enables you to draw faster with just half the work and effort.

7. Use Palette Knife For Thick Strokes Of Best Procreate Brushes

Palette knives are great for creating thick lines in your drawings. But you have to remember that the thickness of the stroke will depend on the pressure you apply to the screen when drawing. This can be helpful especially if you want to draw textures or patterns, especially those used in animations.

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8. The Eraser Tool Is One Of The Most Useful Tools Available

This is one tool you have to master if you want to create art using Procreate brushes. Remember that this tool can be helpful for more than just erasing lines, even though it’s the primary use of the eraser tool. You can also use it to blend colors or change brush settings. The eraser tool can also be used in drawing textures and other things depending on how you use it.

9. How To Download Procreate Brushes Online

Even if there are no built-in tutorials or lessons in Procreate, you can still learn through practice using the app itself with the help of the available templates and brushes. Most of the templates are easy to use and can be changed or customized using different brushes. You can also download additional brushes for practice as well.

Creative Market is an online platform for Procreate Brushes selection that can help beginning artists on their digital painting journey. Don’t forget to check it out!

10. Use The Palette Knife For Thick Lines And Textures

If you want to make thick lines in your works, you have to remember that it only depends on the pressure that you apply on the screen when drawing or writing. One way to make sure that you get thick lines is to use a palette knife for your brush. This will work best if you want to create textures and patterns especially those used in animations.

11. Play With The Opacity Of Free Brushes For Procreate

On Procreate, adjusting the opacity of brushes is also another thing that you can do to make your drawing look unique and creative. Play with it and see how this adjustment changes the appearance of your artwork.

The best way to learn how to use Procreate brushes for beginners is by practicing and seeing what works and what doesn’t. There are so many different types of brush strokes, it can be overwhelming at first. Once you get started though, you’ll find that there is a lot of depth with the possibilities.


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