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Tips to Choose a Quadrocopter with a camera

Tips to Choose a Quadrocopter with a camera

Recently, several new genres of photo and video have appeared: using mobile devices or flying drones. You can buy a quadrocopter with a camera, inexpensive and good, thus opening up a new hobby for yourself – by the way, in the professional shooting market, the services of pilots with their equipment are very in demand.

We will talk about the main features that you need to consider when choosing a quadrocopter. To find the best model will help the rating of quadrocopters with a camera 2019-2020. 

The best quadrocopters with a camera: what should they be?

First of all, you need to decide what tasks your quadrocopter will have. This will significantly reduce the range of prices and the range of models to choose from. But let’s decide on the characteristics.

  1. Dimensions

On sale you can find both micro-drones with the simplest cameras, and professional drones with a price tag of several thousand dollars, which can shoot in 4K. The dimensions of the device directly affect the capabilities and conditions in which you can use the quadrocopter. Miniature drones are recommended to be launched only indoors, as they have a small range, light weight and short run time. Large drones can not only raise a good camera, but also fly up to 2 km, even in windy weather.

  • Shooting quality

Here it is already worth paying attention to the characteristics of the camera, which is built into the quadrocopter. Sometimes the camera can be mounted on a suspension – then it must be selected separately. For beginners, models with a shooting resolution of 720p are quite enough, advanced pilots (especially those who dream of earning money on shooting) should focus on Full HD or higher.

  • Structural strength

Fundamental moment for beginners. Pay attention to the strength of the case (usually it is found out empirically, so read the reviews). It is desirable that the blades are included in the delivery set: often they are damaged when dropped, especially for models without a protective casing.

Many devices can automatically land or even return to the take-off place when the battery is discharged. This is also an important feature that helps you not to lose a drone.

  • Autonomy / Range / Speed

Amateur drones with cameras usually fly for 10 minutes at a distance of up to 100 from the control panel. Professional models stay in the air longer – at least 15-20 minutes – and have a large flight radius – 500 m and beyond. Speed ​​is not so important if you are not going to shoot sports events or participate in races. She, in fact, is not even indicated in the characteristics of quadrocopters up to 20,000 rubles.

  • Control

The most common control option is from the radio remote control. It can be supplied or sold separately. Such a device usually has a screen for visual flight control and a set of controls. Some drones support control via a mobile application: then they can be connected to a smartphone and use the gadget as an operator’s monitor. In this case, the flight range of the quadrocopter will depend on the transmitter power (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal strength).

Recently, a new way to control drones has become popular – using a special FPV helmet. In the helmet you see the flight “in the first person” and you can change the course of the copter by turning your head. However, this technique is often much more expensive than conventional remote controls.

  • Price

One of the main questions when choosing: which quadrocopter is better to buy cheap with a camera? The you can best drones under $200, but this is a toy for a very short time. As a rule, these quickly break down and often lose the signal from the remote control. Strictly speaking, a good budget quadrocopter with a camera will cost $100 – $200 USD. The middle class of drones has a price of up to $400, and already over this amount – professional devices. 

Quadrocopters can be divided not only by characteristics, but also by purpose.

  • Indoor indoor drones
  • Selfie Drones
  • Amateur Drones
  • Quadcopters for professional shooting with Full HD or 4K camera

The first class of mini-drones can easily fit in the palm of your hand, however its small size makes such a drone completely unprotected on the street – even a slight wind blows it away. Therefore, such models can only be run indoors. They are suitable for training or for flying in a limited space.

Selfie drones are also small, easy to fit in your pocket or bag. Nowadays, self-drones have become popular, which automatically remove the owner and monitor his movement. Depending on the price of the model, their functionality is different: control from the phone, different flight modes, recognition of faces and gestures. True, such models can cost several hundred dollars, but they are worth it.

Amateur drones usually have mid-range cameras, but with great features. Such drones are no larger than A4 sheet, with a camera up to 6 megapixels, with a wide range of functions and modes. Current quadrocopters, which can be attributed to this class, are able to roll over in the air (and perform other tricks), stabilize their course, have high flight speed and cameras that shoot well, even in motion. Such models are suitable for outdoor activities.

Quadrocopters with Full HD or 4K cameras are no longer the most compact. They are designed for operation in any weather, have good stabilization and, of course, a suspension for the camera. Since they are often bought by professionals, such drones have the best characteristics and a high price. 

Of course, figuring out which quadrocopter is better is not so simple. We selected several worthy models of different classes and compiled a rating of quadrocopters with a camera 2019- 2020. 


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