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Tips To Improve Your Posture And Prevent Back And Neck Pain

Tips To Improve Your Posture And Prevent Back And Neck Pain

Good posture means training your body to stand, walk, sit as well as lie in such a position in which the least strain is placed on supporting muscles and ligaments during movement or weight-bearing activities. Nowadays, most of the people get back as well as neck pain at some point in their lives. This pain may be due to a sports-related injury, an accident, or a congenital condition. But, most of the time, it is the day-to-day life that causes upper or lower back pain. It is the good posture that helps to reduce the stress on your muscles and ligaments. Improving your posture to get a healthy back is extremely important as it helps you to become more aware of your muscles, making it easier to correct your own posture. This article tends to highlight some of the most important tips that can improve your posture and prevent back as well as neck pain. Let’s disclose these tips together.

1. Improving Posture

Nowadays, most of the people who are suffering from neck and lower back pain report that it began for no apparent reason. The fact is that this type of pain can often be attributed to poor posture as well as weakened spinal muscles. Without any doubt, we can say that people can live pain-free with two specific lifestyle modifications. The first one is attention to sitting posture and the second is the incorporation of a daily exercise routine. Moreover, there are many posture corrector available in the market that you can use to correct your posture and live a happier and healthier life.

2- Learn to sit properly

According to the recent studies, the individuals in the 21st century lead more sedentary lives than the earlier generations. The reason is that the majority of people have jobs that require a significant amount of computer work. Moreover, there are many people who spend a significant amount of time watching TV or playing video games at night as well as on weekends. In fact, these people are having an inactive lifestyle that can weaken their spinal muscles. This lifestyle can greatly reduce their overall aerobic conditioning. Therefore, learn to sit properly because by changing the way you sit, you can significantly decrease your risk for neck and lower back pain.

3- Practice good posture

Try to practice good posture when you are sitting at your desk. For this, place your feet flat on the floor and keep the back flush against the chair. Moreover, your head should be in a neutral position with the ears as well. Always remember that rounding your lower back can cause your head as well as shoulders to slump forward. Therefore, adjust your chair’s height to allow your thighs to angle down slightly.

4- Use standing backbends to reduce lower back pain

This is the basic flexibility exercise that you can do in your daily exercise routine. For reducing back pain, stand with your feet shoulder length apart and keep your knees straight. After that, try to support your lower back by placing your hands at belt level. As you place your hands, bend backward as far as you can and return to an upright position.

5- Use cervical retractions to reduce neck pain

For reducing the neck pain, just grasp the sides of your chair with your hands. Then, hold your body still and glide your head back until it is parallel to the floor. Repeat this exercise at least two times a day to release the stress that builds up in your neck. You can also use neck hammock for neck pain relief.

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