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Tired Look: Eye Bag Removal in Singapore

Tired Look: Eye Bag Removal in Singapore

Do you have a tired look every morning? Do you dream of seeing loved ones disappear before your eyes? 

Fatigue, stress or genetic factor, bags under the eyes are a real scourge. From a better lifestyle to surgery to house care, find out how to get rid of it!

Eye bags are a common problem for both women and men. This phenomenon is generally associated with age, but it is also sometimes found in young people. The skin around the eyes is much thinner than that of the rest of the body, and it is therefore not surprising that it presents various types of problems more efficiently.

What are bags under the eyes?

The bags under the eyes appear when the fatty tissue that protects the eyeball moves. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs helping age. Aggravating factors, such as fatigue, stress, or a lousy rhythm of life, can nevertheless accentuate them and cause them to appear at any age. Genetics also play a role. 

Do not panic; bags under the eyes are not inevitable!

Cosmetic specialists in Singapore

We have met and discussed with some of the best doctors and practitioners in Singapore working at Cambridge Therapeutics, to learn more about eye bags, dark eyes circles and to understand the best techniques and eye bag removal treatments.

Singapore is the top international beauty hub, and you can find the best doctors and aesthetic clinics. Here are some of the vital information we gathered for you.

Eye Fatigue: essential tips

Adopt a better lifestyle to remove bags under the eyes. The volume of bags under the eyes can vary from one period to another, and even during the day.

The first factor to take into account here is that there is an individual genetic predisposition to having bags under the eyes. There are two types of pockets: temporary and permanent. The transient pockets are due to inflammation related to fluid retention, and they usually appear in the morning.

To fight against eyes bags and puffiness, it is necessary to have a healthy and balanced diet as well as to practice some exercises. 

The permanent pockets are for their link to a loss of muscle tone in the lower eyelid, loss of skin tone and fat accumulation.

Indeed, fat attracts water, which causes water retention, which increases the puffy appearance of the pockets. You must, therefore, avoid as much as possible the habits that promote water retention: outside the hormonal cycle to which you cannot change anything, act daily by reducing the intake of salt in your diet, and avoiding as much as possible alcoholic beverages.

Homemade treatments to reduce bags under the eyes are myths and will not be better than what a healthy lifestyle would ever give you.

Surgery: an effective solution to remove bags under the eyes

If it is possible to reduce bags under the eyes effectively. It is, however, impossible to eliminate them entirely by care at home.

When the bags under the eyes are due to age, we recommend a small incision just under the eyelashes, which leaves almost no trace.

The surgery option is an intervention which is still considered as light, but this is an intrusive procedure which is realized at the clinic and can last up to 2 hours.

Eliminate bags under the eyes without resorting to surgery

The eye area is very delicate. It is how many can be impressed by the idea of having surgery on this part of the body. This area indeed has a strong tendency to become inflamed following an intervention that can cause vision problems or difficulty closing the eye. 

In recent years, new methods have been developed for eye bag removal in a less invasive manner. One of the most effective in this area is undoubtedly laser lipolysis, which consists of applying laser radiation to eliminate puffiness without having to use a scalpel and without significant inconvenience.

What is the laser lipolysis method to fight puffiness?

This treatment was thought to eliminate the accumulations of fat using an optical fibre transmitting the laser light in a transcutaneous way. Today it is one of the least invasive anti-fat methods. It is this minimally invasive character that also makes it an ideal method for combating bags under the eyes.

To make this treatment as inconvenient as possible, a local anaesthetic will be applied to the treatment area, and the patient’s face will be masked, leaving only the eye area visible. In this way, the doctor will work more efficiently, this process making his work more comfortable.

To sum up, we can say that this treatment consists in melting the fat to be able to eliminate it. Here no suction cannula will be used; the doctor will remove the vast majority of the fat during the intervention by light pressure of the finger. The rest of the fat will be eliminated naturally by the body after three to four months.

Another advantage of this treatment is that it is very fast. The operation will be done in 20 to 30 minutes, and a single session will be sufficient. Following the procedure, it is common for the skin to swell, which will last only a few days. After three to six days, the appearance of the eye area returns to normal. The bruises can sometimes appear, but this phenomenon is not frequent.

The advantage of laser lipolysis also lies in the fact that the patient will not have to practice special care. He will be able to resume the ordinary course of his life as soon as he leaves the doctor’s office.

Who can be treated with eye bag removal in Singapore?

This treatment offers the best results for skin 30 to 50 years old with small accumulations of fat under the eyes. If the skin has not lost its shrinking capacity, the results will be relatively good.

This type of intervention is, however, not recommended when sagging skin is very important or in the case of bags whose origin is the accumulation of liquids.


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