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To Your Summer Health

To Your Summer Health

There is no better time this summer to get in your best health.

Look no further than that great stuff that Mikuna + Loco Coco are doing together. Back on National Smoothie Day on June 21 the pair teamed up for an ultimate delightful healthy drink.


The clean, naturally regenerative, whole food source of protein created from chocho, an Andean grown superfood found in Ecuador – it’s currently beloved by Olympic and pro athletes like professional surfer Mick Fanning and X Games gold medalist Leticia Bufoni.

Loco Coco’s smoothie shops are known for their vibrant tropical flavors all served in their famous coconut bowls. Combined with the incredible offerings of Mikuna, the two produce a feeling of high energy and elevated mood all while getting the nutrients you need to power you through the day.

Mikuna Chocho Superfood Protein Powder is made from Andean grown superfood chocho — a lectin-free, plant protein that contains all nine amino acids, more than 25% of daily fiber needs, and 20g of plant-powered protein. It’s the best of the best when it comes to clean eating and clean living.

It’s easy to get the protein you need for the day no matter what your age or gender. It’s fantastic even beyond the workings with Loco Coco. After a week of using it in morning smoothies a dramatic change is easily noticed. You are certainly not left with hunger pains throughout the day and your entire mood shifts to nothing more than positive. It’s the clean nutrients more and more Americans are searching for in this day and age.

Chocho grows at an elevation of 11,000 to 14,000 feet, and it’s a highly functional protein that’s packed with good stuff. Protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, all nine essential amino acids, and as much calcium per serving as a glass of milk. When it comes to plant protein, there’s really nothing like it.

Another great thing that will create a healthy body and healthy attitude is Buchi.

From an array of amazing tastes to a feeling of refreshing enlightenment, we love everything about this brand.

Available in flavors such as coconut blueberry elderberry, mint pineapple echinacea, and orange mango sea buckhorn kombucha, everyone will find a taste to fill their desires. Each sip is refined with a bold distinction unlike anything else on the market. It deserves high marks for creativity and ingenuity in composition.

Going beyond the great taste, Buchi is distinct because its drinks are raw, unpasteurized, with live cultures to boost and balance your gut health which plays a critical role in supporting the immune system, mood regularity, heart health, and more. You don’t need to sip on soda this summer. Instead, pickup this healthy alternative to fructose-filled soft drinks.

Crafted with purpose and intention the benefits of Buchi’s fermentation process go beyond great taste. Best of all a percentage of every Buchi sold goes towards global restoration with One Tree Planted.

Here is to creating your own healthy summer!


Cover art by Filip Mroz on Unsplash



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