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Tobacco-Free Nicotine: Is it Healthier? 



Synthetic nicotine products have risen in popularity among the younger crowd, without leaving the older crowd. E-cigarettes and pouches are increasingly popular among people looking for alternatives to tobacco products that have been on the market for years. 

This shift to tobacco-free products follows the evolution of e-cigarettes and vaping as smokers look for ways to satisfy their nicotine cravings without the presence of cigarette smoke. 

But are tobacco-free nicotine products healthier? We address that and more below!

What Is Tobacco-Free Nicotine?

Tobacco-free nicotine is any nicotine product manufactured without the inclusion of tobacco leaves. These alternatives promote a “healthier” replacement. They lack the impurities found in tobacco plants that correlate to the development of various cancers from cigarette or cigar smoke inhalation.  

Products such as NIIN Pouches are one of many tobacco-free nicotine options bursting from the shelves. Consumers enjoy synthetic alternatives because they prevent exposure to the harmful carcinogens in cigarette smoke. With some forms, such as vape oils, they also offer various flavors that make consumption more enjoyable. 

Nicotine is on the list of highly addictive properties, and regardless of the form, it is a highly addictive substance that you should consume with caution. However, the correlation to developing cancer isn’t the nicotine itself—it comes from the additives in traditional smoking products.

The Problem of Tobacco Smoke

Nicotine is naturally present in tobacco plants and can even be present in small doses in vegetables. But you would have to eat 20 eggplants to consume the same amount found in one cigarette. Cigarettes are harmful because of the carcinogens found inside their wrapping. 

Cigarettes and other products like cigars and pipe tobacco use the dried leaves of tobacco. The smoke from these contains over 70 recognized carcinogens. The leaves carry these impurities, but they are most harmful during smoke inhalation.

The carcinogens derive from the soil where the leaves grow, so not all products contain the same level of toxic chemicals. Fertilizers used in the crops are the most significant contributor to the presence of these substances. 

Are the Effects of Tobacco and Tobacco-Free Products the Same? 

Synthetic nicotine has the same effects on the body as nicotine consumed from tobacco products. It still acts as a stimulant by binding to dopamine receptors that release dopamine in the brain. This process helps with mood and processing regulation. The dopamine response acts as a reward system, causing nicotine to be addictive by forming a habit. 

E-cigarettes and other synthetic products are a sort of compromise for smokers. They don’t have the dangers of tobacco, but they may still contain aerosols or toxic chemicals. The nicotine levels also vary widely, making it difficult to compare the correlation or causation of specific reactions. Not all products contain the same chemicals, but all synthetic products use unnatural ingredients that can be harmful. 

Nicotine is dangerous because it’s addictive, but the most prominent health risks come from chemicals in smoke and the wrapping in traditional delivery methods, like cigarettes.  

Synthetic products and e-cigarettes do not contain the same carcinogens as standard cigarettes, chew, or other conventional products. So in comparing their healthiness to other nicotine products with tobacco, they are healthier.

However, it is worth remembering that synthetics still contain hazardous chemicals, and nicotine can be addictive because it rewards the brain’s pleasure centers. Synthetic products require more research to deduce the long-term effects on the body to definitively label them as “healthier” than their traditional counterparts. Research continues on synthetics and other liquid-based products and whether they can become a replacement for smoking. 


The Ultimate Wellness Summer Guide



Summer is about to kick off in a gorgeous way.

Our ultimate wellness guide this season has been carefully curated with top editor picks that will bring you bliss. From beauty products to health companies, we have brought together a list of outstanding items that will shine as bright in your life as the summer sun.

For the Perfect Summer Manicure –

Radiant Cosmetics viral Nail Growth Oil lives up to all the hype.

Founder and TikTok influencer Ruth Ismayelyan and her vegan brand have overwhelmingly captivated beauty enthusiasts for good reason. Her cuticle oil has a unique formulation that after using in a week creates a noticeable difference. Nails look shinny and they start to grow in stronger. The results are really that quick. Nourishing your nails has never been easier and the vitamins in the formula also give a great boost to your overall nail health.

Ruth’s brand has also expanded to lipsticks, lip liners, and lash and brow serums. Products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan, and non-GMO.






Cover art by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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Mollie’s Fund Brings Skin Cancer Awareness to Forefront




For over 20 years, Mollie’s Fund has been at the forefront of melanoma awareness and making a difference in melanoma education – partnering with esteemed healthcare providers and medical institutions to educate all ages on the importance of sun safety, provide free skin cancer screenings, and connect patients to the latest treatment innovations and compassionate support.

They are a team of crusaders on a mission to increase awareness of melanoma prevention, provide information and services for skin cancer prevention, and support melanoma patients by connecting them to the latest treatments.

The organization began in honor of Mollie who discovered a mole on her thigh one day in collage. In the following six months, she underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. The Mollie Biggane Melanoma Foundation was created in her memory after her tragic death at the age of twenty. Since 2001, Mollie’s Fund has worked tirelessly to help prevent such a tragedy from impacting other families.

On May 30, they will host an event to raise funds and make a difference.

Join Mollie’s Fund for a pig roast from Buddy’s BBQ and live country music from Unwined from 6:30pm to 10:30pm at the Garden City Country Club.



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The BioCharger An Electrical Healing Device That Does Remarkable Things



I wrote about the bio charger, back in July of last year, but had a chance to use it again ar the Wellness and Travel Media Event. This machine uses energy to heal and dextox.

Science has confirmed the existence of a subtle energy fields around all living organisms, similar to the energy field recorded using thermal imaging technology. When optimal, this energy regulates cellular functions. But if it’s lacking or imbalanced, it causes cellular dysfunction, which decreases physical performance, injury recovery and overall well-being. The emerging field of energy medicine (EM) involves assessing and treating energy imbalances so that the body’s systems achieve homeostasis. This builds upon the work of Nobel Prize scientist Otto Von Warburg, who discovered that normal, healthy cells have trans-membrane potentials of approximately 70 to 100 millivolts, while fatigued, sick cells exhibit progressively lower voltages, which drop to as low as 15 millivolts in the case of cancer or disease. A prime example of what is happening now is the interference of 5G.

The BioCharger is a subtle energy revitalization platform that uses four types of transmitted energy—light, Voltage, frequencies, harmonics and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs)—to stimulate and invigorate the body. A touch-free, safe, rejuvenating full-body treatment, BioCharger supports the recovery of strength, stamina, coordination and mental clarity. During BioCharger sessions, members experience a customized electromagnetic field that bathes the full body in frequencies designed to restore
homeostasis. Users have reported measurable improvements in energy levels, fatigue and overall well-being.

Health and Wellness Benefits
• Boosts performance and recovery: our clients consist of Olympic and professional athletes within the NFL, World Surf League, MLB, and NBA who use the BioCharger to accelerate muscle
recovery and reduce stiffness in joints
• Enhances mind-body balance: Aligns body and mind down to the cellular level
• Improves well-being: Delivers a variety of health-related benefits, including improved sleep and
stress reduction2
• Increases energy: Revitalizes cells and restores homeostasis, which can impact energy levels3

I only know one place to use this machine and that is at Ostrostrong, but it is definitely worth checking into.

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Sleep Well With Parallel



Finding the perfect pillow can be a pain in the neck (literally). It is said we get the deepest, healthiest sleep with a pillow that provides the perfect combination of softness and firmness, as well as the ideal loft to help support your neck and spine.

“One size fits all” doesn’t cut it for those who suffer from neck pain. If you didn’t have neck pain before using an inexpensive pillow, you probably will not getting the proper support.

Memory foam pillows have been the best pillow for neck pain, but adjustable memory foam pillows help the side, stomach, or back sleeper relieve neck pain. They however are not thermal regulating or hypoallergenic, which I have learned for me is key.

I have never had a pillow that I love as much as the Parallel pillow. I have the Parallel High Profile Adjustable Pillow($89) and since it has arrived I have slept like never before. I use awake with neck and shoulder pains….no longer. I also use to flip again….gone.

When the pillow arrives, you throw it into the dryer for 5 minutes and wow the pillow is fluffy and ready for use.

This pillow has an inner shell that contains ParaPur™ silver ions that naturally destroy 99.9% of microbes that cause odors, without nasty chemicals. Silver ions have a wide spectrum of biocidal activity against bacteria, fungi, and viruses, due to their high surface-to-volume ratio. Pure silver is also hypoallergenic. The sculptable, huggable Blutech Fiber Fill (BFF) inside the Parallel High Profile Pillow is a unique blend of downy hypoallergenic fibres and precision-cut gel visco foam that invites twice the airflow of conventional foam. You’ll feel the awesomeness immediately.

The pillow also boasts:

  • The perfect temperature, year-round. Never cold or hot
  • Easily adjustable pillow: add or remove fill for perfect support
  • Oodles of sculptable Blutech Fusion Fill (BFF) with 2X the airflow
  • Doesn’t go flat
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Wellsystem Waterbed Massage That Makes Your Body Feel Like You Are In Heaven



Yesterday at the Wellness and Travel Media Event I was offered to try the Wellsystem Waterbed Massage. Having to get up at 6am in the morning and not being a morning person, I was dragging by 11am. Then I tried the Wellsystem Waterbed Massage and was sent into nirvana.

In this world stress, bad posture, lack of exercise and 5G are causing more and more people to experience tension and pain in their neck, shoulders back and legs. Wellsystem‘s dry water massage uses heat and water power for a relaxing full, or partial, body massage. I had a five minute session and was brought back to life.

Warm water jets hit the underside of the soft natural rubber surface in even movements. They massage the body from head to toe while you float almost weightlessly on the dry water surface. The soothing warmth and gentle power of the water activates the deeper tissue layers and loosens the entire muscle system. The contactless dry water massage is exceptionally hygienic and an ideal supplement or alternative to manual therapy. 

Right now there isn’t a spa that has this in New York, but hopefully soon as this bed really did the trick.

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