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Top 10 Benefits of Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Top 10 Benefits of Real Estate Text Message Marketing

The ability to reach, engage, and nurture prospects is crucial for real estate agents, brokers and property managers. Without the ability to communicate and build relationships with clients a real estate business has little chance of succeeding.

Fortunately, more and more real estate agents are well aware of this fact as is shown in the Placester Real Estate Marketing Strategy Survey Report 2018, where, from 249 respondents, 20.7% said that a mobile marketing tactic they want to try is sending nurture texts to their top leads. 

Today, consumers prefer to communicate via different channels. One of those channels is SMS or mobile text messaging. So, it only makes sense for agents and brokers to jump into real estate text message marketing and start reaping the benefits that it offers.

Benefits of Real Estate Text Message Marketing

So, what exactly are the benefits of real estate SMS marketing? Of course, this should be just one tool in an entire arsenal used by real estate professionals, together with social media and video marketing and other technology.

When it comes to real estate text message marketing, its benefits are far and wide, but in particular, these are the 10 reasons why realtors should step up their use of SMS:

1.    SMS has a High Open Rate

SMS is often neglected as a communication tool by businesses, which often focus entirely on email and perhaps social media as more “hip”, but in reality, their open rate is far beyond that of emails. According to Gartner, open rates for SMS is an astonishing 98%, while for email, it’s only 20%.

2.    Consumers Want to Receive SMS Notifications

If you are worried about annoying your prospects and invading their privacy if you send them SMS notifications, don’t be. The truth is, consumers are happy to opt-in to SMS notifications. Just in the US, that number is as high as 86%, while in Europe and Asia respectively, 82% and 77% opt-in to receive SMS notifications, according to TextMagic.

3.    It’s Affordable

Compared to other forms of marketing and advertising, real estate SMS marketing is relatively inexpensive and will cost just a fraction of what some more “high-tech” tools do. For instance, it’s really easy to send bulk SMS, provide important information to your prospects and thus generate leads more quickly.

4.    It’s More Personal

Young people today are more likely to buy or rent homes and they are looking for a more personalized communication that email does not provide. Email is still an important business tool, but it is often too impersonal for people. With SMS there’s no such feeling.

5.    There are Fewer Barriers

Spam accounts for at least 45% of all emails sent, although that number could easily be higher. That’s one of the reasons why people are so loath today to even accept advertisers of any kind into their inbox. And to protect themselves from spam and other unwanted emails, people are often using spam filtering tools that may often stop real emails from reaching their recipients.

With SMS, there is no such barrier to entry. It’s a direct connection to customers and all you need is their opt-in (which we already saw is high) to start sending them text messages. Of course, you shouldn’t abuse this privilege as annoyed prospects can still block your phone number.

6.    Response is Faster

Email did a great thing to improve response times from faxes. However, for a business that often relies on fast responses from its leads, it may not be fast enough. Just by the fact that people tend to keep their cell phones close by, they will automatically be more likely to respond faster to a notification you send them.

7.    You Can Send Automated Text Messages

Another great thing about real estate SMS marketing is that you don’t have to type a new response for every SMS you get. Instead, you can setup custom responses based on specific keywords and that way get the necessary information to your clients faster. For example, if they are looking for listing prices, you can already have an automated text message ready to send.

8.    Make Lead Generation More Streamlined

The real estate industry is highly competitive, which makes every lead valuable. This makes a good real estate text lead capture system a must-have for realtors. With it, real estate agents can spend less time and money on attracting new customers or nurturing current leads.

9.    Real Estate Text Message Marketing Improves Data Collection

A good business knows a lot about its customers. Gone are the days when all you needed was to advertise on TV or radio and people would flock to you. Today, businesses spend millions just to collect data about their customers, which help them better understand who they are.

In few industries is knowing your clients as important as in real estate. Just by knowing whether a prospect is married or not, do they have children, pets, where they work, where their children go to school or if they drive a car can give agents a much better idea of what kind of a property can they recommend and at what price.

10.  Set Appointments and Reminders Much Faster

Setting appointments and reminding clients about them has always been the bane of real estate agents. Far too many deals have gone bust because customers forgot about an appointment. Well, SMS is a great tool to remind customers about incoming appointments, or to re-schedule them if necessary.

For instance, you can sync your automated SMS service to your calendar to get an alert when an appointment draws close and then send an automated text message reminding prospects about it. Something like an email is just too clunky for this.

Below a third of buyers actually found a home they purchased through a real estate agent, according to the National Association of Realtors. That shows how important for agents it is to not just get in touch, but also engage and nurture their leads. This is where real estate text lead capture services can be invaluable.

Only 28% of home buyers found their home through a real estate agent

Real estate text message marketing provides plenty of benefits for agents, brokers and property managers and this was just a glimpse of what they can do.  All of this makes SMS, not just a useful, but also a necessary marketing tool if you want to communicate with customers today.

Main Takeaways

  1. Real estate text message marketing can help agents reach younger home buyers and sellers, especially those buying/selling a property for the first time
  2. SMS has a higher response rate than phone, email or social media by 209%. Nearly 30% will respond to SMS and nearly 50% of that will make a purchase.
  3. Text messages also have a whopping 98% open rate, higher than any other communication channel out there.

For the real estate agent, communication is key for success. Fortunately, he now has ample communication channels that he can use to reach, engage and nurture his prospects and clients. One of those keys is almost always in his pocket. SMS or text messaging is a powerful communication tool and is favored by younger generations of home buyers and sellers. If it is used effectively, it can be a valuable tool to propel a real estate business to new heights and help agents close out more deals and close them faster. Few other channels, including email provide the response or open rate that text messaging does and just that alone makes it a must-have for real estate agents, brokers and property managers.


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