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Top 10 College Movies of all the Time

Top 10 College Movies of all the Time

The Social Network

Regardless of whether you have never been to college or don’t have any plans of attending one, college movies have an undeniable appeal. The genre led to the creation of many clichés that audiences came to love.

It can be easy to come up with the list of movies that were filmed in a college campus setting. Instead, these college movies are the most inspiring, amusing and downright accurate elements of life in college: graduates can reminisce, any college student can relate and other people can sit back and imagine.

  1. The Social Network

This recent movie is about the creation of Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg. The creation of Facebook began in a Harvard dorm. The Social Network is a reminder to students that they have a potential to change the world. The movies bring the story to life with unexpected action.

  1. National Lampoon’s Animal House

This movie is amazing such that most college movies are measured based on it. It can be wrong not to include this movie in the list of the best college movies.

The hilarious and inspiring underdog struggle of low-class deltas against school’s elites has always been those who want to make college movies. 

  1. Revenge of the Nerds

This amazing movie takes us back to the days when being a nerd wasn’t acceptable. Probably some of you don’t remember those days, but that’s okay. If you were once dissed, made fun of, dumped or ostracized because you knew a lot about the computer, then this movie will make you triumph as the jocks are given what they deserve.

  1. The Graduate

What do you do after school? Where do you go?  If you are prepared, smart and lucky, probably you will get a job instead of lazing by the pool, getting depressed, going home, and having an affair with a friend of your mother. Having an affair with your mother’s friend isn’t recommended at all whether you get a job or not.

Since we are still on the subject, having an affair with your father’s friend is also very ill-advised. No other movie captures the frustration and lethargy of life after college like this movie. In the movie, Dustin Hoffman tries to sort through the world’s values he is been dumped into after graduating.

  1. With Honors

In this movie, Brendan Fraser plays a Harvard undergrad who believes that he will graduate with flying colors. He is convinced until his prized thesis ends up in a position of a man who is homeless. The homeless man is played by Joe Pesci. The premise can be questionable, but this movie has valuable life lessons.

  1. Back to School

Having a super-rich dad can be a daydream for most people, but your dad going to school with you is the worst nightmare. This happens in the movie Back to School as Rodney Dangerfield tries to make his son happy by attending school with him. He finds himself distracted by partying. He could pay professionals to work on his assignments in school. Just like I can pay professional to do my paper and do other activities. However, his son could not do that.

  1. Dead Man on Campus

This college movie is an urban legend that roommates of those students that kill themselves are given straight A’s. This leads two friends in danger of failing to seek a roommate that is suicidal. Despite all the efforts, their plans make everything worse. Unfortunately, we all know that bereavement passing doesn’t apply and it’s just a myth.

  1. St. Elmo’s Fire

Some self-centered and spoiled graduates struggle to forget their college lives and try to get used to the real world. The characters in the movies can be so obnoxious such that it hurts to watch, but the way it shows the stage between college life and adulthood carries a powerful message.

  1. Rudy

This movie features Daniel Ruetteger journey as he pursues his dream of playing football. He joins Notre Dame despite his poor performance in athletics, small-sized body as compared to other players and poor background. Even if you might not watch a football game and follow it to the end, this film cannot be missed.

  1. The Rules of Attraction

The movie is based on a novel written by Bret East Ellis, the author who also wrote American Psycho. This movie covers a story about an unusual love story between classmates. It is more scandalous than most of the movies on this list. Therefore, watch it when parents are not around.


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