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Top 10 Reasons Why CBD Is Everywhere?

Top 10 Reasons Why CBD Is Everywhere?

In the last twelve months, the CBD industry has gone from strength to strength. What was until recently an obscure and somewhat ridiculed wellness product has become the biggest trend in wellness and beauty. Professional athletes are using it. The world’s biggest A-listers are using it. Doctors are recommending it to their patients. And Wall Street analysts are expecting the industry to continue its rapid growth in the months and years to come. 

“Consumers’ interest in wellness, natural ingredients, medicinal benefits and the legalization of marijuana in several states/countries have catalyzed interest in CBD,” said Stephanie Wissink, an analyst at Jefferies. It’s predicted that by 2025, 25 million Americans will be using CBD. Investment in the industry is soaring as a result, and consumers are seeing CBD products everywhere they go. 

However, all isn’t well in the world of CBD. Brands and the industry generally are coming under increasing pressure to be more transparent with consumers. Studies have shown that many CBD oils contain heavy metals, carcinogens and other toxic chemicals. Some have even shown that there’s no CBD in the actual oils themselves, or significantly less than advertised. As consumers get wind of the ways that CBD brands are misleading them about their products, calls for industry regulation are getting louder, but the FDA remains slow to introduce regulation.  

Nonetheless, CBD’s popularity continues to soar. But why? What is it that makes CBD so special anyway?

Top 10 Reasons Why CBD Is Everywhere

  1. The Cannabis Revolution

The CBD industry has greatly benefited from the rapid change in attitudes towards cannabis. As more and more states legalize both medical and recreational cannabis, attitudes towards the plant are changing more quickly than anyone expected. Cannabis companies are receiving massive investment, the media is reporting on the science behind the plant in a way that it never has before, politicians are pushing for federal legalization, and CBD brands couldn’t be more pleased. 

2. The Plant-Based Medicine Trend

Over the past few years American has seen a big shift towards plant-based medicine. Consumers are keen to explore natural ingredients and their medicinal properties, prefering to use brands that use natural ingredients rather than chemical-packed products.

CBD oil has established itself in the wellness industry as the plant-based ingredient everyone needs to try, and brands are scrambling to add it to their product formulas to entice curious consumers. 

3. FDA Approval 

When the Food and Drug Administration approved the first CBD-based drug many people who had been CBD skeptics were forced to reconsider their opinions on the health benefits of CBD. The Administration gave the go ahead to Epidiolex, a drug that uses CBD to reduce seizures in patients with rare forms of epilepsy. It was a major win for the CBD industry and the doctors and scientists who were endorsing its medicinal value. 

4. The Farm Bill

The Farm Bill was passed in October 2018 and paved the way for a legal hemp industry in the United States. Suddenly, CBD could be legally produced and sold in the US and farmers saw hemp for the highly profitable crop that it is. With this change, CBD started cropping up everywhere (pun intended) and the industry has gone from strength to strength ever since. 

5. It’s Beauty Effects

CBD beauty has exploded in the past twelve months. Much like the wellness industry, beauty execs and experts have noticed that consumers are spending more on natural beauty brands who use plant-based ingredients. From activated charcoal cleansers to honey and avocado masks, the demand for natural ingredients in beauty is real. 

Enter CBD. Not only is it a plant-based ingredient but it’s also thought to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, manage acne symptoms and even soothe eczema. Which is why CBD lotions and potions are everywhere. 

6. The Opioid Crisis 

One of the reasons why CBD is becoming so popular is that many people see it as a safe alternative to opioid pain medications. For decades, opioids have been the go-to pain treatment in the US. but their widespread use has led to catastrophically high levels of addiction. 

CBD – researchers say – can be just as effective at reducing pain levels even in patients with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, without having the addictive nature or other harmful side effects of opioids. For that reason, countless people across the country are using CBD vapes, topicals and more to tackle pain. 

7. Natural Sleep Remedy

Studies show time and time again that at least one third of American’s are getting less than 6 of the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night. CBD has become something of a self-care tool to the millions who struggle in this regard – whether due to pain or anxiety. 

Because it doesn’t come with the long list of potential side effects (including addiction) that traditional sleep medications do, CBD offers a natural sleep remedy that helps many to get a long, deep night’s sleep every night. 

8. The Medical Community

As is always the case, CBD didn’t become really popular until the medical community got behind it. Initially, research on CBD was so lacking that there was little or no hard scientific evidence to back up the claims that brands were making about their CBD products. But as new studies published their findings, doctors started to see that the oil really did contain real medicinal value. 

Since then, many doctors have started to promote CBD oil and recommend it to their patients for a wide variety of medical conditions, which means that society in general is taking the ingredient more seriously than ever. 

9. Celebrity Endorsements

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ll probably know that every celebrity from Jennifer Aniston to Kim Kardashian (who recently held a CBD themed baby shower). And what encourages people to buy a hot new product more than celebrity endorsements?

Of course, this isn’t the right reason to buy something. Often, celebs are paid by brands to talk about their products – much like social media influencers are – and they rarely disclose that they’re being paid. Nonetheless, the rise in popularity of CBD is a great example of how celebrity endorsements encourage people to try new products. 

10. New Research

Finally, the huge increase in CBD research is really driving sales. Since hemp was legalized by The Farm Bill last year, research teams have found it much easier to explore the effects of health benefits of CBD for both humans and animals. With the media reporting on the most recent findings, people have access to the latest information which is giving them more confidence to buy everything from CBD vape oils to CBD skin care products.


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