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Top 12 Easy Beginner Skateboard Tricks For Newbies!

Top 12 Easy Beginner Skateboard Tricks For Newbies!

Check out our latest article to discover some of the easiest skateboard tricks that beginners can apply right now!

When you have learned the simple ways of skateboarding, such as rolling, pushing, stopping, balancing, falling and turning, it may be time for learning some new skateboard tricks. In this article, we will show you skateboard tricks that are easy to do, but they can make beginner skateboard feel like they are progressing. Now, read on and then practice them!

1. Chinese Nollie

The first trick that skateboarders often mention and want beginners to practice is Chinese nollie. The only thing beginners have to do is to give the skateboard a little push forward in order to bounce the front wheel off. This trick will cause the skateboard to pop up off the ground. Especially, to apply this trick, beginners just need to know the ways to do a little hop on the board‘s nose and lift the back wheels up.

2. Nollie Shove It

The next trick is the Nollie Shove It. Skaters have to put their foot on the nose, and do not pop it. The only thing beginners need to do is to do the smallest shot motion with their feet and do a little hop.

3. Biebelheimer

It is a cool way for beginners to get on the board. The only thing you need to do is to grab your board with the skateboard nose and the fingers on the opposite side. After that, you turn the board 180o so that the skateboard grip tape can hit the ground. The important thing you should remember is that the skateboard has to be slightly angled when being thrown down. This trick will cause the flip over. In order to practice it, you need to practice getting the skateboard to flip over. Also, remember that you do not need to scrape the skateboard tail on the ground.

4. Hippie Jump

This trick is so easy because you just need to know how to jump. When you jump, you do not press on the skateboard nose or the tail. Also, when you come down, you do not land on the skateboard nose or the tail. Remember that you just stand above the bolts the whole time. To practice this trick, you need to jump a whole bunch. This may be scary, but it works.

5. Fakie Casper Flop

This trick uses the pressure in the rail stand so that the board could flip over onto its back. Then, you place the back foot on the skateboard tail and flip it over. You need to practice while standing still and flip the board over by simply pressing down and off, and then flip it back over using both of your feet.

6. Boneless

The boneless trick is more about jumping off. You just need to come your front foot off the side and then onto the ground. To practice it, you leave the back foot on, grab with your hand, and then jump back on the skateboard.

7. Rail Stand

All you need to do is to make sure that the front foot will push down the side and flip the board over. This process includes four steps. First, give the skateboard enough pressure until it flips. Second, the back foot sets on the back wheel, and when the skateboard turns, you step over. Next, bring the front foot back and then you will stand on the rail. Finally, you do a slight push forward, and then you will be on top of the board.

8. 180 No Comply

For this trick, you need to set your front foot in a place where it can step off the skateboard in an easy way while your back foot should be on the skateboard tail. Then, you press down and scoop the skateboard tail around. To practice it, you should stand still with your back foot scooping motion, and then make sure that you can jump back on your board.

9. Nose Pickup

While you are rolling, you set your front foot on the skateboard nose, and you use your toes to pop straight down and grab the board. You just need to practice popping the skateboard nose down and make sure that you do not stop down on the nose because that can make the board fly up.

10. Tick-tack

When you are balanced on your skateboard and want the speeds to increase, you should learn the tick-tack trick. When you have a sense of balancing even when moving on your skateboard, this trick should naturally appear. It helps to enhance your sense of balancing while skateboarding.

11. Ollie Trick

This is a famous trick that involves lifting up the body while skateboarding. When practicing this trick, the only thing you need is to bend your knees before you lift your body. Also, you need to ensure that the skateboard tail touches the ground first. You should start practicing this trick by doing small jumps. Once you get better at this, you can practice with higher and longer jumps.

12. Manual

According to Longboardbrand this is a great trick for beginners to practice their balance and once they master this trick, they can use it combined with other tricks. At the beginning, it may be difficult; however, it is a type of trick that can help you get better at skateboarding. To practice it, you need to put the front foot down from the front bolts and then put your other foot on the skateboard tail. Next, you put some pressure on the tail while bending the front knee a little and keeping the back knee straight.

All of the tricks mentioned above are easy to practice, but the important part is that you should stay motivated. Practice is very important after knowing these new skateboard tricks. Also, make sure that you are using the proper skateboard wheels. By practicing these skateboarding tricks, you will get better at moving on the skateboard. Skateboarding is about fun, and when you learn something new, you will get stoked. So, why you do not practice these new tricks right now?


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