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Top 3 Things a Local SEO Company Can Do to Increase Your Revenue

Top 3 Things a Local SEO Company Can Do to Increase Your Revenue

According to the most recent stats, 93%of the online experience begins with the search engine. In fact, 3 out of 4 people won’t even scroll past the first page of SERP’s. In other words, without SEO, the likelihood of someone finding your site is practically nonexistent. Not to worry, whether you have tried a bit of SEO in the past or are brand new, this easy guide will tell you what you need to know and do, to up your SEO game. 

Tip #1: Local SEO 

Just like it sounds, local SEO, helps you market your goods and services to local customers when they search for them. A local SEO company is a great place to start as millions of customers search locally for what they need, so targeting them is critical to the success of your business. Here are some important tips from SEO experts:

  1. Google My Business Listing – this lets you verify your own business info, adding your hours, address, phone number, and photos. Google my Business also offers reviews, posts, and videos. This all found on Search and Maps and is FREE.
  2. Local Citations – this refers to any listing that has at least a business’s name, address, and phone number. Google does your leg work for you, as they compile a big business database for everyone to see. Citation sites like Yelp, Trustpilot, and Foursquare are great examples. 
  3. Google Maps– make sure your business is on the map. This is built-in free marketing! Every time people search for a restaurant or other place they want to go on Google Maps they also show the locals businesses nearby. If you are optimized on Google Maps, your company will appear and bring organic traffic easily. 

Tip #2: Keywords 

Keywords are practically synonymous with SEO. Using the right keywords for your industry will increase rankings and traffic to your site. More traffic means more customers and revenue. To start, check out some of these top keyword tools. 

  • Moz Keyword Explorer – this tool will generate more traffic to your site because it offers you related keywords and gives you suggestions about other related ideas that your customer might search for. It also offers features like Organic CTR, which projects how many clicks you can expect from your target keyword. Another feature, Priority, tell you whether or not you should target a certain keyword based on the CTR, search volume, and difficulty. Keep in mind this can cost you quite a bit since you need to buy the whole SEO tools suite. 
  • Ahrefs – This fantastic tool provides so much in-depth info. You can view things like first-page competition, how many users actually clicked on the results of a search, as well as keyword difficulty. Other tools usually describe difficulty with a score or a range from “easy” to “difficult”, Ahrefs, on the other hand, goes above and beyond and tells you how many backlinks you need to get on the first page! This is a critical step to improving your searchability and rankings. An SEO expert can help you take the next step, which is how to get backlinks on each of those pages. 
  • Google Search Console – GSC is an amazing SEO tool for On-Page SEO and other optimization (more about this in a sec). Although not a traditional keyword tool, you can use The Performance Report, which lists pages on your site that get the most clicks from Google as well as the exact keywords that brought them there. This report will give you the “opportunity keywords” which is where you rank in Google for a specific keyword. Oh, by the way, it’s FREE.

Tip #3: On-Page SEO 

Google is getting more and more serious about how web pages rank. Everything on your site needs to be perfect, so search engines know what they are about and rank you accordingly. Here are a few critical steps your SEO agency will take to make sure your site is fully optimized.

  1. Content – make sure it is relevant, concise, unique, has the right keywords, is shareable, and delivers the right UX. (Yes, UX does matter when it comes to search now)
  2. Title Tags and URLs’- Both should communicate the relevance and what each is about to search engines. 
  3. Meta descriptions – so important but often forgotten these descriptions act like advertising copy draws a reader to a site from a SERP. They should be compelling and keyword-rich. 


A few benefits of implementing the above three easy strategies include increasing site traffic, higher ranking, more revenue, and a strong community and web presence in your local market. You can go about doing this yourself, but calling in a local SEO company will really help you set everything up to maximize your reach and presence right away.


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