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Top 4 Schools offering the best Hospitality Management Courses

Top 4 Schools offering the best Hospitality Management Courses

Finding the right school to pursue your studies can be daunting if you do not know the country well. This is why you need to research and consult widely before settling on one. Switzerland is adorned for its hospitality, the high standards of living, good schools, education system supporting all and finesse in their culinary prowess. Therefore, you should take your time when selecting an institution to pursue your studies. The best schools include:

  1. Glion Institute of Higher Education

This is the best place to get exceptional experience in hospitality management. It has been crowned as one of the most beautiful places in the world and you would attest to the same. Students get the best experience from this school through thorough and compulsory internships.

Studying at Glion gives you the opportunity to visit over 100 companies, widening your scope and experience of the course. Being assigned responsibilities in different places lets you have the capacity to handle challenges in new environments with zero self-doubt.

A bachelor’s in hospitality management Switzerland is accredited by the Institute of Higher Education of the New England Association of Colleges/ Schools. This gives you confidence in the authenticity of their curriculum and certifications

You may also get a management trainee position after graduation, therefore being in a position to run a business and get a management executive position.

You will meet students of over 90 nationalities and access to other European nations.

  1. Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

Ranked among the top three globally, Les Roches is a great place to pursue and further your hotel management or hospitality studies. It has the same accreditation as Glion and boosts multinational hotels and independent businesses.

With at least three internship offers for every student and up to 50 visits to companies around the country, your experience will be very high and you will find a job fast after or before you graduate from the school.

There is a rich cultural heritage around the school; Bluche town in Canton of Valais. This village-like feel offers a stunning view and cultural experience. This school borders Italy and France; therefore you will have the best culinary and hospitality experience.

Chances of getting a management executive position in top establishments is also high due to the wide experience you acquire studying at Les Roches.

  1. Lausanne Hotel School

This is an outstanding school for hotel management and hospitality training. It’s managed and accredited internationally, therefore studying here assures you of the best training. You learn among the best, in the best environment and you will acquire the best hoteliering skills and experience.

  1. Kendall College

Though located in the United States, this is an institution that will give you the feel of a Swiss university. Their curriculum is based on the Swiss curriculum and will give you the best experience. They offer online classes, therefore everyone around the world can get the experience and knowledge

They have the highest level of hospitality management training and you are assured that you will get the best skills for the market.

You may not be in Switzerland but the feel is almost the same.

In conclusion, there are many schools out there but you have to pick the best to enjoy the experience.

Author Bio

Samantha Grey is an educationist with a decade’s experience in culinary arts and hospitality management. She endorses schools for the best Bachelor’s in hospitality management Switzerland accreditation. Read more on her insights on the Education Review Monthly issue.

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