Top 4 Signs That You Need New Windows Before Winter

Top 4 Signs That You Need New Windows Before Winter

The idea of a complete residential window replacement has been on your mind for some time. While it was easier to put the project off before, now you wonder if moving ahead in the next month or so would be a good idea. The fact is that you do need new windows and getting them now would provide plenty of benefits this coming winter. Here are four signs that you should call a reputable contractor today.

There’s a Breeze Even When The Windows are Closed

The present windows look fine, but you do notice that there seems to be more air stirring near them even when they are closed. Since no vents are in the areas close to the windows, you know it can’t be air from the HVAC system. There’s a good chance that the air flow you feel is due to seepage in between the sashes and possibly small cracks around the framing. While you could invest in some repairs, that only puts off the inevitable. Your best bet is to replace the windows Calgary now. You’ll find heating the home this winter will be easier and less expensive.


Wind Makes the Widows Rattle

Even a little breeze will cause the closed windows to rattle. That’s because of warping and other changes in the wooden sashes and frames. Rattling is another sign of air seepage. Choosing to replace those aging windows with new vinyl ones will stop the rattling and cut your heating bill significantly.

You Have Trouble Opening and Closing the Windows

There was a time when you could open and close the windows without any difficulty. Those days are over. Now it takes all the strength you can muster to crack a window just enough to enjoy a breeze. It also wears you out to close the window when the night air gets a little chilly. If you invest in new windows now, it will be easy to open and close them any time you like.

Some Windows Will Need Significant Repairs

While some of the windows are still in good shape, others are in such poor repair that you simply leave them alone. That’s because the expense of having them repaired is more than you believe is wise. There’s an excellent chance that your assessment is correct.

Still, it would be nice to have windows that are in perfect condition. Arrange for replacement windows in Fort Saskatchewan now and repairs will no longer be an issue. Go with the right design and even minor repairs will not be necessary for quite a few years.

The decision is yours. Wait until the spring and the impact on your heating bill will be significant. Replace them now and keeping the home interior warm no matter what is happening outside will be easier and less expensive. Call a contractor today and have the windows inspected. Replacements may be more affordable than you think.




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