Top 5 Cities For An Unforgettable Outdoor Adventure

Top 5 Cities For An Unforgettable Outdoor Adventure

America. Land of the brave, home of the free. And let’s not forget that it’s also home to a myriad of cities, landscapes and places-to-be, that you can’t afford to miss out on.

If you’ve ever felt like you were stuck in a rut and your 9 to 5 job has got you down, then maybe it’s about time that you whipped out your travel bag and packed it up. The list of cities that we’ve compiled for you down below, will provide you with the opportunity to have the outdoor adventure of a lifetime.

Their cultures, histories and sceneries are rich. After having visited these cities, you’ll feel like reborn, guaranteed!

Chattanooga, Tennesee

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then Chattanooga should be pretty high on your list of cities to visit before you die. There are many outdoor activities to be undertaken here, such as road biking, white water rafting, horseback riding, rock climbing and hang gliding. If you’re the old fashioned type, then you can also just go on a regular hike at the Julia Falls Overlook.

Chattanooga has a rich history. There’s a camping ground near the Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park, which is considered to be historic. This is close to land that was lived on by Native American tribes, up to 2,000 years ago. In more recent history, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics white water rafting events were held here. If you want to attempt some white water rafting of your very own, then you can give it a shot on the Ocoee River.

Brevard, North Carolina

If you’re into green, then Brevard might very well be the place to be for you. This city is home to one of the best outdoor adventures you can imagine: the Cove Creek Trail, which takes you through a lush forest, across a number of very old, forest roads, where you can just smell the history if you’re open to it. Be aware that this trail features a bit of climb, though. But on the other hand, there’s also a downhill part.

Speaking of climbing, Brevard also allows you to go rock climbing at Looking Glass Rock. It’s considered to be one of the best rock climbing destinations down south. If climbing rocks isn’t your thing, you can also do mountain biking here. There’s no less than 400 miles worth of trails to be found in Brevard, so there’s plenty of space to go around for various people of various outdoor activity interests.

Fruita, Colorado

In case you are a western movie aficionado, you may want to have a close look at Fruita, Colorado. Its gorgeous rock formations an myriad of slick rock trails, are going to make you feel like a cowboy soon enough. You can hike, bike, camp, backpack and raft in Fruita. You can visit the Colorado River, which lies just to the south of Fruita. The Kokopelli trail alone is 142 miles of forests and canyons. This trail ends in Moab, Utah, which itself is also a really nice city for an outdoor adventure, although it didn’t make this particular list!

Fruita has a very rich history. In the late 19th century, early settlers came to this place and settled here. They were mostly fruit farmers, hence the name of this city. Many of the town buildings they have erected, still exist today in a very well preserved state. It’s a sight for sore eyes. One that you should go and see if you’re looking to get some rest from all the activities you’ll be undertaking here. And you’re actually very likely to need some rest, since this is one of the sunniest places in the US. It gets more sunny days than most other places, which makes it suitable for all you outdoor fans out there that like to be warm.

North Conway, New Hampshire

For those of you who enjoy all things rural & rustic, North Conway, New Hampshire is going to be to your likes. It has no less of 700,000 acres of land. You can find the White Mountains here. No matter what season it is, you’ll always be able to find something fun to do out here. During winter, you can hit the skis, the snowmobile or the snowboard. During summer, you can go hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing, or a combination thereof if this is what you prefer. Bass fishers are very fond of this location.

If you like mountain biking, then you’re going to love North Conway. It’s got no less than 27 downhill trails, where you will be able to go fast without much effort. Make sure not to go too fast, though. You don’t want to miss out on all the beautiful scenery that this place has to offer. Speaking of scenery, the Great Glen Outdoor Center offers some of the most impressive scenic views in all of North Conway. You can’t visit this place and not go to Great Glen. No bike, no problem. You can rent’em here!

Bend, Oregon

In Bend Oregon, you can enjoy yourself with a great variety of outdoor activities no matter what season it is. Bend is known for having cool and dry winters. This makes it an excellent location for biking and hiking all year long. During the summer, it’s possible to hit the Deschutes River for some white water rafting. As a matter of fact, Bend is so dedicated to its white water rafting opportunity, that it created a planned rafting adventure and gave it the not-so-subtle name Big Eddy Thriller. When you’re done fighting the water, you can set up camp right next to the Deschutes.

At Mount Bachelor, there is a skiing opportunity that is free for children ages 12 and under. This makes Bend, Oregon also somewhat of a family friendly trip. And should you and your kids feel like taking a rest from the hundreds of miles of biking trails, then you can go have a look at the Tumalo Falls, which are nothing short of majestic at 100 foot tall. If you ever feel the need to wash down your many outdoor adventures with a good drink, then you came to the right place. Bend, Oregon has 15 award winning breweries, which would love for you to try out some of their finest beers.


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