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Top 5 Cross Browser Testing Tools To Test From Different Geo-Locations

Top 5 Cross Browser Testing Tools To Test From Different Geo-Locations

There are many websites across the globe which provides a different look and feel from different locations. Even if you take an example of Google search result, it also varies from one location to the other. Various websites have currency changes as per locations, show cookies alert at some specific locations, show item search results as per country or area, and a lot more features which are Geo-location specific. 

So, if you have to test for these certain features if the changes that you’ve made or the features that you’ve designed are working according to the locations or not, how are you gonna find out? 

And if you’ve made certain major changes that might affect the browser compatibility at various locations, this is going to be more complicated. So, you’ve to perform cross browser testing from various geo locations. 

And to help you with that, we have compiled a list of cross browser testing tools that help you test from different geo locations so that you can check out browser compatibility and look and feel of your website from various locations on different browsers. 

LambdaTest– LambdaTest is a free cross browser testing tool with support for geo-location based testing. This online browser compatibility testing tool comes with the exclusive Lambda Tunnel feature that allows you to easily test how your website looks like at different locations around the globe. The tool lets you carry out live interactive cross browser testing along with capturing automated screenshots for accelerated web layout testing. 

All the location dependent features of your website like check out processes, search results and language changes can be tested using LambdaTest. You can also readily capture screenshots and see if your website is performing as per the expectations or not. 

Browser Stack– One of the most robust and reliable platforms available today for cross browser testing, Browser Stackalso comes with support for geo-location based testing. The tool gives you an easy opportunity to test your website on more than 2000 real mobile devices and browsers from any location around the world using the GPS and IP geolocation technologies. 

Apart from that, you may even check and analyze your SEO and application rankings in the country of your choice and improve if the need be. The tool comes power packed with features like geo targeting; geo fencing, geo tagging, localization and geo blocking to cover all the aspects of geo-location based testing of your website or application. 

Cross Browser Testing– Cross Browser Testingis yet another popular tool available for performing quick geo-location based testing. The online tool gives you an access to more than 1500 real desktop and mobile browsers. The tool lets you check how the audience and the users in countries other than your own see or perceive your website. It lets you check what content or advertisements they are getting served based on their IP geolocation – all thanks to its local connection feature. The interface is quite ready to use and straightforward. You may even capture browser screenshots without any additional cost. 

Geo Screenshot– Say hello to this amazing tool called Geo Screenshot and test your website and test geo-targeted content with great comfort. You may even access local search rankings and perform localization testing and multilingual testing using the tool. The tool works with more than 270 data centers deployed across the world and provides instant results to its users. 

It gives you an option for using multiple resolutions and allows you to emulate the device software of your choice. For jobs requiring batch screenshot processing, the tool also comes loaded with API access support. Even if some given country has blocked your website using the web filters, the tool will point that out to you. 

Geo Peeker– Geo Peekeris yet another tool for viewing your website from different geolocations. It is a great way of testing the regional differences and makes sure that your website is performing as expected with respect to displaying the region specific content. Not just that, it provides the website source code and informs you about the ping timings of your website from various points of presence all over the world. Even if your website is down in some parts of the world, you can employ the tool to see if it is universally down or not. 

Testing the performance and functionality of your product or website over various locations worldwide assures you of having a global approach towards your business strategy. After all, a major chunk of your users may not be from your native country. These tools will help you have an infrastructure and necessary browsers to test upon from different Geo-locations. 


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