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Top 5 High Demand Cloud Skills in 2019

Top 5 High Demand Cloud Skills in 2019

Cloud technology has changed the face of things. Thanks to the application of areas of cloud technology like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT), the world has advanced. Cloud has also profitably interacted with areas like data analytics, cyber security and networking.

With this increasing realization of the relevancy of cloud technology in today’s world, cloud skills are now in high demand. Employers are now ready to pick skills over degrees while employing cloud experts, as they have realized the wide gap between skills and job opportunities and are bent on addressing the mismatch. 

Luckily, there are certification exams that can be written after a proper grounding in some of these areas, for people to become cloud certified experts in certain areas. One of these exams is the aws solution architect exam. After trainings like these, one can get expertise by practicing solutions associate practice exams that come with hands on labs.

Although several cloud skills are in high demand, this article focuses on the top 5 of these skills that are in high demand.

Here They Are:

1) DevOps: While this is not a skill you might hear about on a regular basis (if you are not in the tech space), it is interesting to know that the job of a DevOps engineer stole the no. 3 spot on Indeed’s list of top jobs in America for 2017. It was on number 3 in terms of number of job postings, salary, as well as opportunities for growth. DevOps engineers are known for the implementation of automation technologies as well as tools on every level.

DevOps positions have experienced a growth of 106% in the past few years. Professionals in this field can also boast an average base salary of $123,165. In 2019, skills in DevOps still remain in high demand.

2) Big Data Hadoop: After capturing a large chunk of the big data market, Hadoop still remains relevant for data storage. An industry prediction stated that the Hadoop market will experience a growth by $40 billion by the year 2021. This level of growth will call for the need for skills to manage, develop, and administer the implementations of Hadoop. The growth has started as well. This is why skills that require a deep understanding and technical background in Hadoop are still in high demand in 2019.

3) Python Django: If you’ve been wondering which programming language is the fastest growing in 2019, look no further as Python Django is the most highly-demanded and fastest growing.

This programming language has succeeded in making other programming languages go into extinction, especially with respect to its community base of active developers. Its popularity has grown to the point that it is now a prerequisite for every cloud entry-level job.

4) Machine Learning: This year, machine learning as proved itself to be in growing demand. This is also expressed in the fact that startups and enterprises are now investing in special certifications and training that assist in broadening machine learning skill set and put advanced solutions to use, in helping to scale their efforts. Luckily, there are several courses out there set to give IT professionals the certifications they need in Machine Learning. During these trainings, basics like R, Spark, SQL, Python and basic statistics are taught. Real world applications of these concepts are not left out either. During the time frame where IT professionals take courses like these,  solutions associate practice exams that come with hands on labs is also usually available to help in their preparation for the certification exams.

5) Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is literally the talk of the town and there seems to be a buzz around it. Emergent technologies as well as enterprises are also embedding the concept of AI into their products.  AI is ready to change the entire business landscape. It is a “hot’ skill to possess in today’s labor market, with the salaries of AI professionals being between $300,000- $500,000.

As AI has called for more hands in the labor market in 2019 and the past few years, IT professionals are making efforts at leveling up.  AI-related courses are great for personnel with a strong Math and CS background.

IT professionals all over the world are encouraged to tap into these skills, as a wide gap still exists between skills and opportunities.

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