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Top 5: Most Ravishingly Romantic Places In France

Top 5: Most Ravishingly Romantic Places In France

From vibrant cities to quirky country destinations, France is undoubtedly a must-visit country for any couple looking for a romantic experience. Paris is a favorite destination for many visitors, but it’s an old-fashioned choice.

However, that doesn’t mean the city lacks exciting things to explore. In fact, it’s loaded with plenty of dreamy things to do, such as spending time at River Seine or enjoying an exquisite dinner at the Lobby Restaurant.

But knowing your options is the perfect way of exploring the charms of France. Here are the top five exciting places for a romantic getaway.

1. Gordes

Located in southeastern France, Gordes is one of the most famous hilltop villages of Provence. It’s built on the foothills of the Monts of Vaucluse. If you want an out-of-city romantic experience, this is one of the most beautiful places in France to visit.

Gordes is home to many movie stars and artists. So, as you visit this charming village, don’t forget to stop at the fabulous Abbey of Senanque. This is where Cistercian monks live, and they can treat you to liqueurs, lavender essence, and honey.

Stroll around the streets and discover decades-old buildings, walls, and arcades, including the “bories.” This village is truly magical.

2. Sancerre

This is another excellent getaway for lovers who what a place out of busy and congested cities. Sancerre is a medieval hilltop town located in central France, and it’s tucked away on the eastern side of Loire Valley.

This beautiful town is famous for its winding roads, which are great for a romantic road trip. Its storybook views and stunning guesthouses provide the much-needed peace for any curious traveler. It’s also home to popular cheesemakers and winemakers.

Here, the pace the slow, and you can dine at C’heu L’Zib, Restaurant Le Chat, or Restaurant La Tour. The choice is indeed yours.

3. Èze

You can also head to southeastern France, and spend a great time with your loved one in Èze, another hilltop town that dates back to the middle ages. This town is nestled between Monaco and Nice, and it is centuries old.

A visit to this town gives you beautiful views of the French Riviera and the Mediterranean Sea. The medieval-style buildings here are exceptional, lending a feeling of traveling back in time. Walk down the narrow streets of this town, and keep in mind you’ll walk up the hill most of the time.

Eze has exotic gardens with lots of cacti and other species, offering a perfect spot to share a good time with your loved one. The popular hotel is here Chateau Eza, which is a renovated 400-year-old Chateau with glamorous views of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a perfect venue for a wedding, and they offer a unique guestbook for your wedding.

4. Bora Bora

Let your adventurous spirit lead you to French Polynesia; it’s here that you find the small island of Bora Bora, which is nothing short of beauty. Author James Michener branded it the most beautiful island in the world, and the 18th-century British explorer James Cook couldn’t resist calling it the “Pearl of the Pacific.”

You’ll certainly agree with them once you and your lover visit the island. The blue waters here are just amazing, and you can snorkel, hike Mount Otemanu, and explore Vaitape. The beaches of this island are ranked third in the world, and the must-visit beach is the Matira beach.

However, Bora Bora is the true epitome of beauty, but there is a catch. It’s way too expensive to visit, and you must budget well if you want to explore this beautiful Pacific island.

5. Colmar

This is a fairytale village in Alsace, France, and it’s close to the German border. Your first visit here will seem unreal. Why? Colmar is just so beautiful with flowers and brightly-painted buildings.

Its cobblestone streets are worth every gaze, and a walk down the streets with your loved one just gives you all the peace you need. The half-timbered buildings are painted in shades of lemon, peppermint, sky blue, rose, and apricot, and some of them date back to the 14th century.

Bakeries here are full of pain au chocolat and croissants, and locals seem to fall in love with their attractive homes. Nearly all buildings feature wrought iron lamps and pots of beautiful shutters.

While in Calmar, don’t forget to stop at Little Venice, a truly incredible canal that offers boat rides and a great view of the bridge at Quai de la Poissonnerie.

France has always been a preferred romantic destination for most people, thanks to the hailed Eiffel Tower. But there are even more that this Western European country has to offer to lovers who want memorable experiences.

This post covers some of the tops five places to visit, and there are even more. In depends on where your adventurous spirit wants to take you.


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