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Top 5 Parental Control Apps To Protect Kids!

Top 5 Parental Control Apps To Protect Kids!

In this digital world, many parents decide to buy their children a mobile phone or a tablet. Beyond the use made by children and young people as an entertainment source, there is no doubt that these devices are very useful tools when it comes to locating and communicating with kids; these can even help them in the study.

However, many adults consider the mobile or tablet as a possible source of problems for their children if they access inappropriate pages, are exposed to strangers or make purchases in online stores or within the applications themselves.

Another of the main fears when children have their own mobile, is that they end up spending hours and hours in front of the screen. With that, there are also applications that make kids addictive or the ones that are not appropriate for them. So, parents should pay attention to what their kids consume in the digital environment. Dependence on the use of smartphones or tablets and games on these devices can also pose serious threats to the development of children. It’s worth noting that there are parental control apps in the App store that can provide significant control over these digital devices to parents. But which ones are worth using? To help you pick the best option, here we have compiled a list of top 5 parental control apps that help you safeguard your kids. Read about each below:

FamilyTime Parental Control App

On top of the list is FamilyTime. It a complete parental package that caters to almost every concern of parents. With this app, parents can manage the use of the digital devices made by their kids so they don’t abuse it or get trapped in a problem. Once the FamilyTime parental control app is installed on both mobiles (the child’s and the adult’s), parents can block or limit the time of use in applications and games, prevent access to pornography or any inappropriate website, and consult a report from the use of applications, incoming and outgoing calls, and the time the child has spent on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

In addition to deciding what apps your child can use on their devices, this solution allows you to review the visited websites and block those you do not consider appropriate. The supervision of calls and SMS (received, missed and sent) is also among its functions, with the list of Watchlisted contacts included. Also, it is possible to establish a night time blockade and check the statistics of use of apps.

As for your locator facet, you can check your child’s location on the map at all times (GPS) and offers the option to Geo-fence important places to generate automatic alerts when the child enters or leaves a predefined location (school, home, etc.), creates a history of where he has been during the last days and allows to locate the mobile in case of loss or theft. If this happens, it offers the possibility of remote erasure to protect the privacy and security of your children.

A very important function offered by this app is the so-called SOS alert. If the child taps on it, the app sends an emergency alert to parents with to the exact location.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

The solution created by Kaspersky Lab is available in both a free and premium version. In the first case, without paying for it, you can block children’s access to applications and content for adults, define a list of applications and sites allowed (or blocked), set limits on time of use of the device and consult a summary report of your children’s activity on their device.

It is also possible to remotely enable access to previously blocked websites or applications and obtain advice from expert psychologists on digital dangers and other online security threats for children.

To all this, the Premium version adds protection for an unlimited number of devices and several additional functions. Among them, they highlight the possibility of knowing the location of your child on a map with a GPS locator, monitor their public activity on Facebook and control the battery level of your device.

Norton Family

Created by Norton Security developers, this application is designed to help parents block inappropriate content, prevent their children from sharing too much information and teach them good habits about Internet use.

Among its advantages, it highlights the monitoring and registration of web pages visited by children and the searches they perform in the Norton browser or in Chrome, establishing rules to restrict access to certain types of content.

It is also possible to see what applications and games your children have installed, allow or block access to them, choose who can send text messages, limit the amount of time they will use the device and know their location on a map.

And two important functions: you will receive notifications if your children attempt to break a rule and you can review a 30-day history of their online activities.

MMGuardian Parental Control

With this application you can see reports of your child’s use of the phone to control their text messages, calls and online activities, including the history of deleted SMS. In this sense, it is possible to define a list of prohibited contacts so that the child cannot send or receive messages or calls from them.

It also includes a secure browser by default that appears as a separate icon of the app and that allows to restrict certain websites or consult detailed reports on which pages have been visited.

In addition, it is possible to block or limit the time of use of certain apps and games, and track your child’s phone to find out where it is at the push of a button. In line with this, it is important to know that MM Guardian’s uninstall protection and other anti-tampering features prevent children from eliminating or altering the application.

All these functions are available during the free trial period. After that time, it is necessary to acquire the Premium license to continue enjoying most of them.

We hope that this list benefits you and help you make the right choice. Happy parenting!

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