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Top 5 Pedestrian Crash Prevention Tips You Should Know

Top 5 Pedestrian Crash Prevention Tips You Should Know

Are you aware that over 137,000 pedestrian crashes occur each year in America?

When most people imagine accidents, they think about two or more cars colliding. While those accidents are more destructive, crashes involving pedestrians are the most fatal.

The last thing you’d ever want is to hurt or even kill someone else while you’re driving. Keep reading this pedestrian crash prevention guide so you know the best tips to ensure the roads are safe for everyone.

1. Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

A common mistake drivers make is only paying attention to where they’re going instead of their entire surroundings. Looking where you’re going can help reduce your risk of hitting something else, but the doesn’t prevent others from crossing your path.

Trying to keep an eye on your whole field of vision will give you time to slow down if a pedestrian isn’t paying attention. You can learn more on this site about car accident safety.

2. Be Extra Cautious During Bad Weather

More fatal accidents occur when weather conditions are bad. This is why it’s better to avoid the roads whenever possible if it’s stormy outside.

Drivers who have to face the elements should slow down, turn their headlights on, and leave plenty of space between other vehicles to brake.

3. Avoid Distractions at All Costs

One of the most common causes of a pedestrian crash is distracted drivers. Looking away for one second is enough time for someone to enter your path.

Before each trip, make sure you have your preferred music set up and your directions ready. Don’t let other passengers pull your attention away from the road.

4. Never Drink and Drive

Another crucial tip to prevent a pedestrian accident or any other type of collision is to never drink and drive. Thanks to ride-sharing apps and friends who are happy to be designated drivers, there’s no reason to ever get behind the wheel after you’ve had a few drinks.

Driving your own car may be the most convenient option for you, but this selfishness could kill others and land you in jail.

5. Pedestrians Have the Right of Way

It’s true that pedestrians are relaxed when it comes to obeying the law. They’ll walk when their sign is red and they’ll wander in the middle of the street.

As frustrating as this behavior is, you need to prioritize their safety. If someone isn’t following the rules, you need to accommodate them to avoid an accident.

You Must Follow This Pedestrian Crash Prevention Guide

Getting into car accident can be one of the most traumatic experiences people go through. Following this pedestrian crash prevention guide will help you decrease your chances of hitting people whenever you drive.

Driving is a big responsibility that you should never take for granted. If you’d like to learn other ways you can take on each day with confidence, then you’re in the right place. Take a tour of the rest of our website so you can read more awesome articles.


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