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Top 5 Places To Paddle Board In The USA

Top 5 Places To Paddle Board In The USA

A major perk of traveling in the USA is that has natural landscapes to suit just about everyone. Whether you prefer beaches, mountains, or even frozen tundras, the US has you covered – and that variety is what makes SUP in the US so much fun. Adventure across the country to visit these top places to stand up paddle board in the USA

1. Glacier Bay, Alaska

For a truly otherworldly SUP adventure, Glacier Bay is the way to go. When you tour this UNESCO World Heritage Site on your SUP, you’ll be gliding among literal glaciers. Take in the mesmerizing view as you gawk at icebergs, whales, seals, and other wildlife we usually only see on Animal Planet. Glacier Bay is best for a more experienced paddler, but trust us, the extra practice is worth it. It’s unlike any other SUP adventure you’ll ever have.

2. Austin, Texas

Austin’s natural scenery is certainly beautiful, but what makes the city’s SUP scene stand out is the local culture. Austin residents can’t get enough of SUP, and spending time on the water is an integral part of the local social scene. Here, you can find SUP bat tours, SUP music tours, and even glow-in-the-dark SUP. Hopping onto Lady Bird Lake with your SUP is a surefire way to get to know the heart of the Austin community.

3. The Florida Keys, Florida

This postcard-like string of islands is absolute heaven for any fan of water sports. There are dozens of fantastic SUP spots in the Keys, but a few stand out among them all. For starters, there’s Islamorada, which features peaceful, shallow waters with excellent wildlife views. Look out for sightings of fish, rays, and even sharks from your SUP. At another Florida Keys gem, Bahia Honda State Park, you’ll find a tranquil beach devoid of crowds and boasting rich turquoise waters. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can hop a ferry from Key West to Dry Tortugas National Park, a cluster of small islands 70 miles to the west. The park is home to a massive fortress that was once a Civil War prison, and more importantly for you, a diverse array of marine life. Surrounded by clear waters, you’ll be able to peek at coral reefs, tropical fish, and sea turtles.

4. Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii

This underwater state park is known for its Captain Cook Monument, a tribute that can only be reached by water. On clear days, you’ll be able to see as far as 100 feet deep beyond the water’s surface, so get ready to spot plenty of sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins, and other treasured sea creatures. It’s a great place to snorkel! If big waves aren’t your thing, hit this spot in the morning for calmer waters.

5. Lake Tahoe, California

It doesn’t get much more picturesque than Lake Tahoe. The nearly 200-square-mile lake’s massive pine trees, breathtaking mountain peaks, and vibrant blue water are a paddler’s dream come true. It’s no surprise that it’s a hotspot for SUP races like the Tahoe Cup Series and Ta-Hoe Nalu. At Tahoe, you can enjoy a relaxing SUP session near the shore gazing down into Emerald Bay’s clear waters, or even travel by SUP to Tahoe’s famous Brockway Hot Springs.

If you’re new to the sport, learn the basics of paddle boarding before you venture out. Have a favorite place to paddle board? Let us know in the comments.

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