Top 5 Safety Measures for Online Gambling on Your Mobile Device

Top 5 Safety Measures for Online Gambling on Your Mobile Device

Playing slot, blackjack, pokies roulette, or any of your favourite online casino games can be exhilarating. But that does not mean you should compromise on your safety. The casino industry is huge. As such, it attracts fraudsters, hackers, and other cyber criminals trying to extort you. So, when you are playing your favourite online casino games with free cash bonus no deposit casino in Canada, these top 5 safety measures for online gambling on your mobile device, which we will be sharing in this article, should be rules you swear by.   

When you follow these safety tips, the chances are high that you will never fall victim to cybercriminals. So how can you stay safe when online gambling, especially on a mobile device? And what safety measures should you be particular about when playing your favourite online casino games? If you are concerned about your safety when gambling online, follow the tips below to keep yourself safe and avoid the risk of severe losses. 

Never Use Public WiFi to Do Online Financial Transactions

There is a good chance you connect your mobile device to all sorts of networks when gambling online to see if NTF is an art. Public WiFi, however, is a big no-no, especially when performing financial transactions. Although not all, some public WiFi has little to no security protocol, which is a problem when gambling online. In other words, WiFi broadcasts data to anybody in its range, meaning anything you are doing on a public WiFi is visible to everyone on that network. Hackers and cybercriminals have a way of spoofing public networks. What this means is that they can steal sensitive information from unsuspecting victims. 

Never share your credentials, particularly your financial information, when on a public network. If you do, these cybercriminals could steal them whenever you connect to a public network, leading to you losing your hard-earned money. Therefore, it is advisable to perform your financial transaction on a secure line. And if you must use a public network for gambling, let it be for things like playing live casino games and wagering. 

Avoid Casinos That Require You to Download Any App

A reputable online casino makes it easy for punters to gamble on their website via a local browser rather than downloading software. Any casino that requires you to download software of some kind, avoid such casinos even if they offer the best online pokies or other casino games. These apps may not be what they say they are and have no comeback if something goes wrong. Note that this does not mean all online casino software is bad or dangerous. But when you download the casino software, it can compromise the security of your mobile device. 

It is worth noting that most of the software we have on our devices monitors different aspects of our activities, and we barely notice it. An application will ask for permission to access several aspects of your device, including your calls, messages, and so on. Why take the risk of having your whole device monitored when you can easily play your favourite casino games safely online on a casino website? When playing your favourite casino game online, little to no information about your device is shared with the website. 

Verify the Casino Websites Security Protocols 

It goes without saying that before registering on any online casino, it is vital that you ensure it comes with a security protocol. For example, a firewall is an essential security measure an online casino should have. An online casino website should also use SSL encryption to establish an encrypted connection. So, ensure the SSL encryption certificate of the casino is up to date. An online casino with no security protocol is vulnerable to hackers. Filling your personal information on such online casinos as full name, address, and financial information can cause you to lose your funds. 

Also, look out for security logos. While it is easy to forge the logos, it is not hard to verify their authenticity. For example, if an online casino claims VeriSign secures it, you can easily verify if the firm truly backs the casino. Third-Party Audit Companies can also help you guarantee that an online casino is legit and safe. So, keep a close eye on them as they can come in handy if there is a dispute between a player and the casino. 

Ensure Your Device Is Secure 

Apart from the security measure an online casino and gambling site to see if they are legit and what it will take to protect its players, you should also go the extra mile to prevent third parties from accessing your phone. For example, you may be using the most secure online casino platform, and you still have trouble if you leave your phone lying unloved on the bar in a busy pub while you take a walk. Take basic security measures by setting a strong security password on your phone, or use biometrics to keep your device secure. 

Also, protecting yourself from viruses when gambling online is another smart move. Installing an antivirus on your devices goes a long way in protecting you from computer viruses. While viruses on mobile devices are not common, they do exist. The most common way malware gets on your device is by downloading files, especially apps from untrusted third-party sources. It is advisable to download all the apps you use on your mobile devices from Google Play or App Store. Note that Google Play doesn’t list casino apps on its website. It is just another reason why you should avoid downloading casino apps. 

Use a Strong Password 

After you have covered your bases by checking for potential security leaks, the next thing is to set a strong password on your mobile device. However, it is not a good idea to use anything personal to you, such as date of birth, phone number, pet’s name, and many more, as your password. Instead, let your password contain at least eight characters long with one upper and lower case alphabet, one number, and a special character. A password like this is hard to guess and will go a long way in ensuring that no one can guess your password. 

If you find it hard to come up with a password like this, you can always easily use browser extensions to generate one. When you do, write the password down on a piece of paper. Do not save your password on a password manager, as it can be hacked when the device has malware. 

When it comes to online gambling, safety is one of the things to prioritize. Playing in an online casino can be incredibly fun and even be a way to make some extra money, but only if you stay cautious. Getting scammed and having your identity stolen is something you should avoid at all costs. So, you shouldn’t do anything that will expose you to cyberattacks. Stick to the five safety measures highlighted in this article to stay protected.



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