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Top 5 Tips to Find Pet Friendly Apartments

Top 5 Tips to Find Pet Friendly Apartments

No matter where you happen to live, it’s never easy finding the ideal pet friendly apartments when it’s time to move to a new location. But if you’re savvy enough, you can use the Internet to check out apartments that welcome pets in Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, or even other parts of the world.

Do you know what else? Even though it seems difficult on the surface, discovering these apartments is actually a lot easier than you think as long as you have the right information and knowledge at hand. We’re here to tell you about the top five tips to make it easier than ever to find an apartment for you and your favorite pets.

Sound good? Let’s get started.

1. The Internet Is Truly a Pet Friendly Blessing

Finding an apartment has never been easier since the advent of the Internet. And discovering the ideal apartment that will take in your pet is even more simplified.

How? Websites on the Internet including Craigslist, Trulia, and have simplified the ability to search for very specific listings. In fact, it’s possible to search Craigslist specifically for pet friendly apartments. It’s also possible to filter out apartments that allow pets on Trulia,, and many other similar sites.

So have no fear because you will find a loving home for your beautiful pet. It takes time and a little patience but you’ll get there soon enough.

2. Private Landlords Often Welcome Pets

In many cases, private landlords have no problem opening their home to loving families and their pets. Whereas a property management company or rental agency might remain rigid in their policies, a private landlord is much easier to persuade.

Even if they say they don’t allow pets, you could always introduce the landlord to your furry friend. You never know, your little guy or gal may melt their heart and convince private landlords to let them stay.

3. Is Your Pet Also Your Support Animal?

Once an animal achieves support level status, it would be impossible and possibly even illegal for a landlord to turn them down. So find out about support animals in your community and discover the steps you need to take in order to get your pooch or kitty certified.

Believe it or not, many animals help human beings when they are going through a rough patch. They provide mental, emotional, and physical stability. These animals are invaluable to their owners and landlords have no choice but to accept them if you can prove that they are needed for your support or the support of one of your family members.

4. Pet Size Matters

Nobody wants to discriminate against pets. But if you have a humongous St. Bernard, Rottweiler, or other large dog, potential landlords might be afraid for their safety or the safety of their home. So definitely keep this in mind when looking for a new apartment for you and your favorite animal friend.

In fact, certain places have restrictions on the size of the pets they are willing to accept. Some landlords say that the pet must weigh between 20 to 50 pounds or less. And any animal bigger is not welcome in the apartment. So keep this in your thoughts as well when shopping around for a new place to live.

5. Offer a Larger Security Deposit

If you’re struggling to find a home for you and your pet, you could always offer to pay a larger security deposit to convince a landlord to accept you. By putting down more money upfront, the landlord will feel comfortable because he or she will have additional money available in case your animal were to ruin something in the apartment that needs to be fixed.

Finding an apartment for your pet takes time and patience. It’s often frustrating and a little bit depressing too at times. But, if you keep persisting and never give up, you’ll find the perfect home for you and your favorite fuzzball.

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