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Top 5 Ways to Medically Eliminate Age Spots

Top 5 Ways to Medically Eliminate Age Spots

The natural aging process may cause some brownish spots to appear on your face, hands, arms, shoulders, or other sunlight-exposed parts of your body. While the age spots mainly develop around the age of 50, you can get them sooner if you have more sunlight exposure. Therefore, minimizing your sun exposure or using sunscreens and other sun protection can help avoid the development of the spots. Additionally, the Fort Worth age spots specialists at Skin Deep Laser MD can help you medically eliminate the unpleasant spots, mainly when they occur naturally due to the aging process. Here are some of the common ways to get rid of the marks.

Using Creams

Several medicated creams or ointments can help remove your age spots and match your skin color. Discuss with your doctor about your options as most of the creams have some side effects, and it would be good if you are aware. Many of the creams have a bleaching effect that lightens the color of the age spots until they disappear on your skin. When using the creams, you will probably have to use a typical sunscreen as the treatment can make your skin susceptible to more sun damage.

Seek Laser Therapy

Your doctor can recommend laser therapy for more persistent age spots. The technique aims to lighten or remove the age spots by destroying the cells darkening your skin, and leaving your overall skin undamaged. However, you have to consider several factors when settling for laser therapy. First, you might require several treatments for the age spots to be effectively eliminated. Secondly, you might not experience the results immediately after your laser therapy, and it may take several weeks or months to show. Lastly, laser therapy may affect your skin and cause a discolored appearance in your skin, depending on your skin type.

Ask Your Doctor about Cryotherapy

This is a treatment procedure involving freezing the age spots using liquid nitrogen or other chemicals. This destroys the pigmentation of the spots, which will make the spots resemble the neighboring skin color once the skin heals. You can expect some irritation that lasts only for a short period, and the results may take several weeks to be noticed. Note that the procedure is often done once in a single area.

Consider Dermabrasion

Your provider may also recommend dermabrasion for your age spots which involves sanding down your skin’s top layer. The dark skin will be removed alongside the top layer, allowing new and lighter skin growth. Ask your doctor about what you can expect as you may experience some discomfort and pain, and the procedure may create temporal scabbing and redness on your skin. It will take several weeks for the new healthy skin to regrow.

Chemical Peel

This involves using a chemical solution to cause some controlled damage to your skin to encourage skin turnover and regrowth of new skin. The procedure accelerates the rate of shedding old skin cells to reveal fresh and evenly pigmented skin. Additionally, your skin will look smoother and less wrinkled. While some chemical peels are locally available, please ensure that a trained professional carries out the procedure for effective results and to minimize the risks for complications.

Don’t let age spots take away your confidence any longer. Reach out to the Skin Deep Laser MD providers today and book your consultation appointment to understand your options. Your provider will evaluate your state and consider several factors to recommend a suitable treatment option for you. 


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