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Top 6 Basic And Useful Longboarding Tips For Beginners

Top 6 Basic And Useful Longboarding Tips For Beginners

There are useful longboarding tips for beginners you may know when you are starting longboarding. Check out with us!                                                     

Is it your first time you ride a longboard?

Any beginners will find learning about how to run with a longboard is difficult and challenging.

There are a lot of training, practices, and precautions if you want to master the longboarding.

As the beginners of this art, you can not avoid many injuries. Failures make better if we learn and get the lessons from them.

You fall off when you try to step onto the board. You get injured when you run it.

It is impossible to expect perfection for the first time. However, with these following basic and useful longboarding for beginners tips I would like to share in this article, everything will become more simple and easier.

Let’s read more.

Useful Longboarding Tips For Beginners – Learn How To Ride A Longboard

1. Know Your Stance

Each person has their own stance for playing board sports.  So knowing your stance is one of the basic longboard tips for beginners and a first step before you start.

Are you “regular” or “goofy” when skating the board?

If you skate with your left foot forward, you are regular. On the other hand, the person who skates with right foot forward is goofy.

To determine whether you skate regular or goofy, you can base on the foot you often use to kick a football with full energy. That foot is the one you want to put forward when you ride a longboard.

The stance is an important factor on how to run with a board.

Let’s me explain more.

If you are a regular skater, you can press on your toes if you want to turn right and press on your heels if you want to turn left.

For the goofy rider, it is the opposite.

2. Find The Balance On Board

One of the necessary skills beginners of longboarding need to know is to find the balance on board by articulating the feet.

Unfortunately, not many people know about this, so it results in over 80% of the failures.

Before longboarding, you have to be comfortable with a proper balance on board.

First, step on the board, keep your natural stance and adjust your feet to make sure that the distance between your feet is shoulder width apart or wider.

You back foot (it is the right foot if you are regular and for a goofy rider, it is left foot) needs to be about perpendicular to the board’s deck while your front foot is kept with about 45º angle with the deck.

Lean forward a little while bending your knees. Do you feel stable and nice?

The best place for you to practice longboarding safely is on a thick carpet or on grass because the friction will prevent board rolling.

3. Practice Your Natural Turning Stance

After you get into your natural stance on board, it is time for you to practice with it.

Keep in mind that this exercise should be done while the wheels are not moving or rolling. Only the deck leans to the sides when you shift your body.

Standing on your board, you roll forth and back by using the force of your ankles. When your board’s deck leans to the side, you should control your balance.

After that, you shift your body forward with toes and backward with heels while locking your ankles.

This is how you ride and turn when longboarding on the street. Before you go on further and take to the streets, make sure you master this exercise on the grass.

4. Practice Your Push Movements

A needed skill for any longboarding beginners is to know how to push with one leg while other leg is kept in balance.

Standing on the longboard, you move your front foot with your toes pointing forward your nose and your shoulders facing forward.

At the same time, you put your back foot off the board while balancing your front leg. Turn your front foot forward and then shift your body weight onto that leg. Bend the front knee to put your back foot onto the ground.

Keep your back foot on the ground for seconds when squatting on the front leg.  Then, bring your back foot to its initial position on the deck and take your shoulders, front foot and hips to their initial angle and position.

This exercise may be a little challenging and difficult for beginners as the board keeps leaning right and left sides.  However, the more time you spend on practicing, the better you are.

5. Learn To Brake

For beginners, learning how to brake well with feet is an important lesson they need to know before riding a longboard on the streets.

The steps for braking are the same as those for pushing. But the difference is that you will use the sole of your foot to create the friction to slow the board down when you keep your back foot on the ground.

To prevent any bump or crack on your toes when you brake, you should drop the whole foot flat to the ground.

6. Ask A Partner To Help You Practice

The saying “practice makes perfect” is always true.

So one of the useful longboarding tips for beginners is to have a partner who helps you practice your balance, stability, and strength when you are on the board.

After you feel okay, you will be ready to run on your own.

Your friend or someone who is good at longboarding will give you some excellent advice, helping you avoid any mistakes. He or she also provides a much-needed boost. Moreover, you can get more tips and tricks that shared on Longboardbrand website. If you just start longboarding, keep in mind that practice and patience will make success. The time for you to be familiar with longboarding skills depends mainly on your personality, personal learning ability, and your previous skills. But whatever you play or do, I hope that you will feel comfortable and enjoyable with this great sport.


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