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Top 6 Destiny Tips That Every Player Should Know

Top 6 Destiny Tips That Every Player Should Know

Destiny is a much simpler game to play when compared to other games. However, you need to understand how to play it if you want to be an expert because there are lots of strategies, currencies, and numbers that can easily get your head around. If you are wondering about the best way of playing, here are a few tips to enjoy this game to the fullest.

Avoid going it alone

The best way for you to enjoy Destiny is by playing it will friends. Having friends who have your back and that you can chat with is more fun than playing this game alone. If you desire a more co-operative challenge, then you can go for a raid where six players face the toughest challenges that this game offers. If you desire competition, then crucible is the ideal place that can be played with teams of four. By creating or joining a clan, you will get ahead more quickly and you will earn more experience and skills when you play with your clan mates.

Take on a raid

Raids are some of the best experiences that you will have when playing Destiny. With raids, you can play with the fire team, handle tricky puzzles, and bosses for you to earn great rewards. With Destiny 2, the raid will take you to The Leviathan, which is a big and opulent that challenges the Guardians who defeated Ghaul. Raids are very enjoyable challenges that you can take on with Destiny.

Know how to level up

Currently, Destiny 2 has a maximum level of 20 and you can achieve this quickly by playing frequently to get experience. Keep in mind that your player level will not offer much when it comes to boosting damage and defense and it is the power level that does much of the heavy lifting. The power level usually goes up to about 305 and this is established by the average level of all armor and guns. You can boost your power level by investing in Destiny activities Strikes and Crucible matches and Public Events. The best Destiny boosting strategy for a gun that is stuck on a lower level is infusing it with a more powerful gear.

Go on patrol

Destiny 2 has a lot of activities that you can engage in apart from the main campaign missions. There are lots of activities that you can find on the patrol areas. These exploration zones have been put into the Titan, Lo, Nessus, and the Earth’s European Dead Zone. Every area is packed with lots of activities to engage in including public events for you to take part in, quests for alien weaponry, lost sectors for you to discover, and adventure missions to undertake.

Know the game’s schedule

Bungie keeps making an effort of being more transparent and clearer with Destiny’s weekly schedule by sharing information weeks in advance. This is important because it enables you to be updated on the schedule week to week of Destiny. For example, the game resets every Tuesday and your weekly activities will be available. You will get new Flashpoint for you to take on, new milestones to be achieved, and a novel Nightfall raid that challenges you.

Become friends with Xur

Xur is the seller that appears every Friday in the Destiny’s patrol regions. You may find him in a cave or up a tree but you can easily find him because he has a marker. Xur is special because every week he sells exotic items like an armor piece and gun for Warlock, Hunter or Titan.

Destiny is an enjoyable and challenging game that you will relish in. The above tips will come in handy whether you are a beginner or a veteran. Keep in mind that you can only master this game by playing it frequently and practicing.



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