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Top 6 Signs Your Marriage Is Over

Top 6 Signs Your Marriage Is Over

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and union that should be entered into with great consideration. Nevertheless, no couple is perfect, and everyone needs help when a relationship feels strained. When life with your spouse is no longer functional and healthy, then consider options like couples counseling and therapies that could save the marriage. However, if these
methods don’t work, you may consider filing for divorce.

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According to the CDC National Center for Health Statistics in 2011, Nevada had the highest divorce rate of all fifty states, with 5.6 per 1,000 total population residing in the area. Experts like Stephen Fife, a marriage counselor in south Nevada, believe these trends could be influenced
by the Las Vegas culture of fast weddings, and those who don’t take divorce seriously. While divorce is relatively common, there are plenty of quality law firms who handle failed marriages in Las Vegas, helping couples through the difficult process of divorce and obtain the best outcomes possible.

Here are the vital signs that your marriage is over.

You’re Always Thinking About Separation

One sign that you’re in a desperate marriage is when the thought of leaving your spouse excites you. This shouldn’t be the single reason for divorce, however, if you find yourself daydreaming about a life without your spouse, and believe you could be happier alone, then it’s a warning sign
that your marriage is in critical condition.

There is Infidelity

Once trust is broken, it’s almost impossible to restore; thus, it’s very hard to move on from cheating incidents within a marriage. For some couples, infidelity can be overcome by forgiveness, sincerity and dedication. However, if there’s an unwillingness by one or both sides
to take responsibility in restoration, then this is a sign that the marriage is over. Even if you manage to earn back respect and trust, the psychological damage incurred by infidelity can last a lifetime. Consistent thoughts of cheating on your spouse is another sign you’re heading for divorce. For
instance, if you find yourself communicating with others discreetly, or meeting someone with whom you anticipate cheating, despite no physical intimacy. Divorce can be a complicated experience but reading tips for managing the stress involved with divorce may save you from feeling overwhelmed.

You Never Communicate

Communication is important in maintaining a healthy relationship. It builds openness and honesty and sustains the marriage through hard times. If both parties no longer air grievances or share stories about their lives, nor address the relationship issues, then the marriage may end. In a 2012, a study published in the Journal of Divorce and Remarriage surveyed separating couples, with 53 percent attributing a lack of communication as their main reason for divorce.

When couples stop caring about each other’s lives, this can lead to cheating. In fact, beyond the physical element, individuals having affairs often appreciate the presence of someone they can talk to. Hence, a breakdown of communication is one of the factors you may consider when deciding
whether to try and save the relationship or pursue a divorce.

Your Sex life is Non-Existent

A 2017 study produced in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found a positive effect between frequent sexual activity and long-term relational benefits. It also showed that physical intimacy was a reliable predictor of affection and satisfaction in relationships. Furthermore,
oxytocin, known commonly as the love hormone, is produced during intimacy. It reduces stress and enhances trust in a relationship. However, when sex doesn’t exist in a marriage, the absence can lead to feelings of
insignificance, underappreciation and self-consciousness. If both parties are physically and mentally healthy for sex but haven’t done been physical for months or years, then this could be a sign that the relationship must end.

You Argue Constantly

In 2019, the Journal of Happiness Studies completed a study which showed that strong friendship within couples provides greater marital satisfaction. However, on the contrary, when you hold deep resentment towards your spouse and their presence causes you stress, then this may be a warning sign. Other related signs that a marriage may be close to divorce include constant arguing, finding reasons to offend one another and feeling free when your spouse is out of the house.

You’re Not Yourself

Another sign that you’re not happy with your marriage is when you no longer know the person in the mirror. If you’re experiencing an alteration in your personality, or feel detached from your regular self, you may be in a toxic relationship destined for divorce. Before feelings of isolation and depression take hold, ask friends and family for advice and decide whether your marriage is the cause. The process of divorce isn’t easy, so asking for the help of a reputable family lawyer is the best first step. There are more signs to look for, but these are the common instances. The above tips can be your indicators in determining when your marriage is over.

Bottom line:

It’s the responsibility of married couples to stay happy, productive, and healthy with their relationship. However, if the relationship itself isn’t functional anymore, then you may be better off with a divorce. Before making a final decision, consider the above tips carefully or else you
could regret it for the rest of your life.


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