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Top 7 Social Media Hacks to Grow Your Business

Top 7 Social Media Hacks to Grow Your Business

Social media marketing is growing today more than ever. More and more businesses are trying to market their products and services online. However, how can you really master social media? Here are a few tips that will grow your business undoubtedly on social media.

Respond to comments

On social media, there is unlimited content and limited time. So when people spend time on a particular piece of content, social media platforms take notice. Likewise, it is true that leaving a like on someone’s post is much easier than leaving a comment. And when people do that for you, imagine how they did feel when you don’t respond. It is social media version of when someone says hi to you in public and you completely ignore them. Not only should you be replying to people’s comments but try to encourage further conversation on your posts by asking more questions when you reply in comments.

Keep it short and sweet

This tip applies in general on social media but is specific to Linked In. So in today’s work of technology and advancement, it is better to keep your content to the point, precise and relevant. That is how your content should be portrayed on social media i.e. accessible. On Linked In, there is an option for you to add a see more button. And from an algorithm point of view, the more people click on that button, the more signals your content sends to Linked In that your content is worth it. So keep your captions short and add that see more button.

Don’t just stop at promoting your products and services 

Social media was created to be social. That was the whole point. However, for a business, it is a platform to market. If you have a Facebook page and you want sales from it for your business, fair enough. And promoting your products and/or services is good. However, don’t over-push it. Every once in a while, share a quote or something. Share content that goes beyond your everyday product promotion. This will help drive user engagement. You don’t want people go away from social media. You want them to be there. 

Leverage stories on Facebook and Instagram

Stories are a new cool thing on the SM. People specify a specific time of the day just to view stories on social media. And you want to be seen there. How do you do that? Create multiple stories in a day. Make sure your written story seems professional and free of grammatical errors. Use grammar checker, punctuation checker, and readability score. There is another cool feature called swipe up that you can use on your Instagram stories. It is a great feature to generate more leads.

Cross link your social media

As a business, you are not just on one social media. You are on Facebook, Twitter and every other social media platform that is relevant to your business. But are they cross linked? You want to make sure that you ask your fans on Facebook to follow you on Twitter and your followers on Twitter to check out your Instagram. When a business posts something on social media, only few people view it. By cross linking your business, you give your business a higher chance of being noticed.

Use exit pop ups

By leveraging exit pop ups on your website, you can find yourself new followers on social media every day. A person is leaving your website. Might as well give your last shot, right? Just create an exit pop up saying Follow Us on Social Media and then add clickable icons for your social media platforms. 

Test videos

In 2019 and later, video content is going to be the king. Social platforms are leveraging video content today now more than ever. By creating video content, you should be able to find yourself engaging with your audience better.

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