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Top Invoicing Apps: Make Your Business Thrive

Top Invoicing Apps: Make Your Business Thrive

If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or freelance, you are likely aware of how hard it is to create and manage an invoice. And without the use of invoices, you won’t get paid for your hard work. Therefore, invoices are very important.

However, all invoicing solutions don’t have similar results. Choosing the right application software for you would depend on how complex your invoices are, your budget, and your particular needs. Surprisingly, some invoicing apps out there are free. In this article, we would be providedwith a list of top invoicing apps that you can use for your business.

Funding with Good Credits or Without Collateral

What if you are short in funds or money and cannot get a bank loan, what valuable sources would you need to use? The answer is you can either use invoice financing or invoice factoring.

Here are the differences in invoice factoring vs. invoice financing:

Invoice Factoring Invoice Financing
Cost High fees (about 15% of invoice amount) for selling single invoice with low-fees for a long-term commitment. Monthly rate (basically about 3 to 5%) depends on your invoice amounts.
Invoice Flexibility of Payment Less flexibility. The invoice amounts are basically advanced in the receivedorder. More flexibility. You get to choose and pick invoices to finance and when you should do it.
Retrieving Payment The factoring company has debt collection services that retrieve payment on your behalf. Your business directly deals with your clients for repayments.
Confidentiality Less privacy. Your clients would be aware that you are using a factoring company. Private. Your clients aren’t aware that you are using a financing company.


Top 5 Invoicing Apps for a Hassle-Free Billing

If you don’t want to spend any money oninvoicing apps, then what would be your best options? You can either try an invoice template for Microsoft Excel or a one-off invoice generator without registrations. But if you are always making invoices daily or weekly, then you would need a more dedicated solution.

If you’re not willing to pay a dimefor invoicing apps, then lucky for you as we would covering some awesome free invoicing solutions below:

  1. Invoice Ninja-Legacy App

Here is an excellent tool for small business owners and freelancers that have more complex needs. If your invoice is beyond what a simple hand-crafted invoice can do, then Invoice Ninja would be your best bet.

As a free user, you can actually manage up to a hundred clients and with unlimited invoices. In addition, you get to have advanced features like branded invoices, auto-billing, allows you to accept partial payments and deposits, direct payment integration with more than 40 gateways, and time tracking. However, your invoices will have the app’s watermark.

If you’ve upgraded to their $8 a month plan, you would get so much more. This app is available to all platforms, which includes Android, Web, and iOS.

  1. Invoice Mini

The Invoice Mini was created with freelancers in mind, but the app can be used by anyone who has invoicing needs. The app is very lightweight and simple, which is perfect for anyone who is just starting out. But if you’re a thriving business owner, you can use this app for its straightforward design.

This app is completely free, no premium subscriptions, ads-free, and no in-app purchases. If you need to invoice your client, you can just simply create a new invoice, add their details, choose a template, add in your line items, and then send it to your client directly from the app.

The app also allows you to track if your invoices have been paid by your client’s or not. You can download this for free on Android and iOS.

  1. Akaunting

This is another free web tool for those who need invoicing. This tool lets you create an invoice, handles small business or freelance accounting needs, and track expenses. This invoicing app works pretty well on all kinds of platforms.

Some of its notable features are unlimited invoices and clients, dynamic reports, sales inventory tracking, per-client discount, billable expenses, direct payment for invoices, multilingual panels, transfers and deposits in bank accounts, and a full accounting deposit. You can download this for free on the web.

  1. Invoice

This application software looks quite similar to Invoice Ninja as it serves to similar types of users, which are small business owners and freelancers that deals with complex accounting needs.

Some of the advancedfeatures of the app have the ability to manage lots of businesses, and with multiple team members and clients for every business. This is quite handy for those serial entrepreneurs. Aside from those, you can also receive payments online that go directly to your existing invoice, this is used by Invoiceto automatically update the paid status of an invoice.

As a free user, you get to have unlimited invoices and clients, but you’ll have none of the notable advanced features of the app. Its paid feature costs around $9 a month. You can download this for free now to start using it.

  1. Wave

The Wave invoicing app is one of the most well-known apps when it comes to invoices, this is especially true for small business owners. However, the application’s downside is that it runs a bit slow at times, while its interface is a bit hard to navigate through when using it for the first time.

But the fact that it’s a free invoicing app is one of the reasons why it’s popular, and it comes in three parts which are the Accounting Software, Receipt Scanning, and Invoicing Software.

And as for its notable features, it includes professional invoice templates, sending, andmanagement of invoice, automatic reminders for overdue clients, automatic cloud back-up, allow you to see if yourclient has viewed the invoice, and many more. But if you want to use the apps payroll management services and online payment processing, then you would have to pay for it. Download the app for free now.

Final Thoughts:

As a reminder, the applications that we have included here are more suitable for small business owners and freelancers. Therefore, if your accounting is too complicated, then you should consider investing ina more robust invoicing solution.

But if your invoice is just a bit complex, then we recommend you the top 5 invoicing apps above this article. Not only is it free, but you can depend on it to help you out with your simple invoicing needs.



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