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Top Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Pursuing a Divorce Case

Top Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Pursuing a Divorce Case

When it comes to family law lawsuits—especially those involving divorce—missing some steps can injure your case. Consequently, it’s important to understand all the steps involved, the tricks to should use, and how to conduct yourself. In particular, avoiding common mistakes should be a priority. On that note, here are the top mistakes you should avoid during a family law case.

Hiring Any Lawyer

Who told you that any lawyer can handle a divorce case? Of course, minor cases can be solved by general lawyers. However, when it comes to pertinent issues in your divorce, such as division of property and child custody, general lawyers perform dismally. Remember, family law encompasses numerous areas. It’s specific in nature. If you want results, choose a family law attorney in Katy who specializes in family law.

Not Contracting a Lawyer

Not partnering with a lawyer (thinking that your case isn’t that serious) is a grave mistake. It’s important to note that family law issues tend to be replete in nature. They feature multiple litigation phases. From mediation to trial, there are multiple litigation phases in a family law case. Any case can lead to motions, divorce conciliations, court hearings, as well as actual trials. Hiring a lawyer is the best decision you can make. He/she will aggressively represent you in court and deliver the best results.

Ignoring Tax Implications

Any divorce case has some tax consequences. These substantive consequences must be considered before making a settlement. Your lawyer should understand the tax implications of your case. Otherwise, he/she will do a great disservice to you. So, tax issues cannot be left to the judge. Still more, you cannot bring in a tax expert to help you. The lawyer should understand how to factor in tax issues when negotiating for a settlement.

Not Considering Mediation

Mediation is one of the most cost-effective ways of settling a divorce case. Most courts will refer divorce cases to mediation. Ignoring mediation (thinking that trial will deliver justice) is a grave mistake. First, it will strain you financially. Second, trials take a lot of time. So, you will have to wait a little longer. Third, trials tend to elicit bad feelings. Emotions will run high. You will be straining the relationship even further. So, think mediation. Avoid trial.

Not Attending Court Sessions

Not attending court sessions is like forfeiting your rights. It’s during court sessions that you can raise pertinent issues with your lawyer. Unfortunately, not attending them is like leaving your lawyer to make all decisions on your behalf.

Not Sorting Your Finances Before the Divorce

Divorce cases have financial implications. Thus, it’s important to sort out your finances before divorce cases. For instance, you should have all the financial statements ready before going to court.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t make the above mistakes during a divorce case. From not working with a lawyer to not thinking about taxes—these mistakes can cost you. Hire the right family lawyer to help you make the right decisions during your divorce case.


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