Top Open Coaching Jobs In The NFL In 2022

Top Open Coaching Jobs In The NFL In 2022

NFL coaches have demanding jobs that can take them from the sidelines to unemployment, depending on game outcomes. There are even lesser options for coaches in the latter category, seeing that there are just 32 coaching positions available in the league. While there may have been several positions in 2021, the top jobs in 2022 are even more desirable.

The football teams are now cleaning house in the hopes of having a successful season the next year, which has reactivated the coaching carousel. Although every job presents a great opportunity, and no one would turn down the chance to be the head coach, certain managerial roles are preferred over others. The NFL head coach jobs are ranked according to several factors. Teams with long-term starter plans are recommended first, with board members, cap space, NFL odds, location, and draft picks as other determining factors.

There is nothing like the best team to coach in the league, and when we look at the current openings, we discover this saying is true. We believe that ranking the finest head coaching opportunities is a matter of personal preference. There is no correct response.

Some coaches choose a calm setting with a long runway to create a culture. A win-now roster is what some coaches prefer. However, some are interested in creating history and setting a legacy. This article will use unbiased comparison factors to highlight the Top Open Coaching Jobs available within NFL teams in 2022.

  1. Miami Dolphins

Unexpectedly, Brian Flores’ departure from the Dolphins creates an appealing job opportunity in South Beach. The locker room isn’t quite empty either: Jaylen Waddle established himself as a trusted player in Year 1, and Tua Tagovailoa appeared to win the owner and general manager’s trust in Year 2.

Whether it’s Tua or Watson at the end of the day, it’s clear that Miami’s new head coach won’t have to bother a lot over a passer. However, club owner Stephen Ross has been open about his wish to avoid Deshaun Watson.

To start, the new head coach must develop on a promising 8-1 finish established by Brian Flores to end the 2021–22 season and sort out the remainder of Miami’s offensive. Indeed, those will be difficult holes to fill.

Positively, the Dolphins will essentially start over next season with plenty of salary cap room and space to put together a competitive group. It’s also a beautiful region to live in with reasonable taxes and a tradition of a devoted, long-standing fan base.

1: Denver Broncos

The Broncos almost arrived here accidentally because they were not an obvious choice for top picks. The Broncos’ main issue is that they lack a starting quarterback. Denver now has $47 million in potential cap space, but 39 players are committed for 2022. This add-on, combined with a 7–10 record, suggests that this squad might easily advance under fresh leadership.

The Broncos’ long-term ownership condition is unknown at the moment. But that’s okay. The club may finally sell to a zealous billionaire who is involved and pushy. They might sell to a company run by celebrity groups. We can’t tell for sure now, and although this generally won’t affect a coach’s final decision, it might not be easy to accept not knowing who will be writing your paychecks in a few years.

The team’s defensive lineup is excellent, and the supporters are devoted. But like many coaches, you need to worry about who stands as a quarterback and whether you’ll get a chance to lead until the franchise quarterback shows up.

2: Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars holding the top position for two consecutive seasons has been outrageous. Shad Khan, the team’s owner, is usually tolerant when it concerns head coaching duties, but he tore off Meyer’s regime in the middle of the season, igniting the search for a replacement.

The next Jaguars’ job is essential to what will transpire in Jacksonville over the next five years. With Trevor Lawrence still on the team, the new manager will need to reset the quarterback and expel the Meyer aura from the team. Although it’s not an easy process, at least they will have the resources to complete it through free agency or the draft.

However, the existing General Manager will be a little obstacle for the incoming head coach to overcome. Baalke has a somewhat questionable image in the organization. Given that he was hired in Jacksonville after Meyer in 2021, it’s possible that the former coach, who was out of a job, made that decision.

3: Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are not in a difficult place. For them, the beginning may not be the best, but it doesn’t mean they end up doing a great job.

In 2022, Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings might be a win-now club with a win-now coach, but after that, a complete rebuild might be in the cards. Minnesota has spent most of the last five years in cap space hell, starting with the Vikings’ cap issue. Even with top-heavy contracts in place, it will be up to incoming General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah to assess Minnesota’s cap issues now that Rick Spielman is gone.

For one more season, before they must consider the future, the new coach will have the chance to lead the Vikings through the playoffs. It’s a handful and will create a challenging environment for any possibly inexperienced player.

4: Chicago Bears

The Bears’ position is currently among the most desirable in the NFL for many reasons. A nearly complete organizational reset comes first. The ability of incoming general manager Ryan Poles to choose his head coach immediately improves the atmosphere in the workplace. Although they won’t be able to choose their quarterback, the player they currently have in the starting lineup has a huge potential to make recruiters drool.

The Bears have enough playmakers and cap room on defense to attempt and improve it this offseason. Although they still have tasks to do in recruiting players with actual skill positions, they aren’t that far from their previous glory.

After every league season, a percentage of teams fire their head coaches. A strong head coach can make a significant difference for some teams with strong squads. Others aren’t doing as well, and their coaches are not to blame.

All jobs ultimately have some challenges. However, we have carefully identified a few openings where improvements are in effect. Have a great football year!




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