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South Carolina is a beautiful state known for its stunning shoreline, but there’s a lot more to the state than the beaches (although those are pretty great).

If you’re thinking about renting an RV and taking a road trip to South Carolina, the following are some spots you shouldn’t miss.


Greenville is one of the largest urban areas in the state of South Carolina, and it’s also one of the fastest growing.

It’s located in the northwestern area of the state, in a region that’s referred to as The Upstate. It’s around halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina, and it’s gotten a lot of recognition and media attention in recent years for its rapid growth and strong job market.

Conde Nast Traveler also named it as the number three “Best Small City in the U.S.”

Some of the attractions of the city include Falls Park on the Reedy, with gardens and waterfall views, Paris Mountain State Park, and The Gorge Zipline Canopy Tour.


While there are plenty of famous South Carolina coastal towns, Georgetown is more of a hidden gem.

This tiny coastal town is historic and takes you back in time. It’s located between Myrtle Beach and Charleston, and the downtown area is the third oldest city in the state.

There are streets lined with live oaks, local shops featuring furniture, jewelry and more, and restaurants serving the Lowcountry fare the region is known for.

There are also regular festivals, concerts, parades and other local events happening all the time.

Folly Beach

Folly Beach is close to Charleston, but it feels unique and different. Folly Beach has a uniquely bohemian style to it, and it’s very relaxed and casual. Folly Beach is a 12-mile barrier island that’s on the Folly River and the Atlantic Ocean.

There are six miles of beaches where you’ll see people surfing, fishing, boating and just enjoying the outdoors.

Downtown Folly has a unique mix of stores, restaurants, and bars as well.

Edisto Island

Edisto Island is one of the Sea Islands, which is in Charleston County. On the island, along with historic plantations, is Edisto Island State Park.

The State Park features RV camping, and there are a few restaurants that are within walking distance from the campground, most of which offer local seafood.

Huntington Beach State Park

Visiting Huntington Beach State Park, in Murrells Inlet, is a must-do when you’re in the state. The campsites can accommodate RVs up to 30 feet, and some sites up to 40 feet. You can reserve a campsite with water and electrical hookups, and some have sewer hookups.

There is plenty to do including boating, fresh and saltwater fishing, and there’s a swimming area. There are also a saltmarsh and freshwater lagoon for wildlife viewing, hiking particularly along the Sandpiper Pond Trail, and there are many boardwalks throughout the site.

Finally, the town of Clemson is best known for being home to Clemson University, but there’s more to this college town. You can go to a football game at Memorial Stadium or visit one of the many bars and restaurants in the area.




7 Power Tools That Will Unleash Your Creativity in New Zealand




Are you looking to unleash your creativity in New Zealand with the best power tools available online? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll look at 8 of the best power tools available online in New Zealand to help you take your projects to the next level. 

Whether you’re a DIYer, an artist, or a professional tradesman, these power tools will help you achieve the results you’re looking for. So let’s explore the fantastic world of power tools online in New Zealand!

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is a perfect tool to take your projects up a notch. It can help you drive screws and drill pilot holes more precisely and efficiently. 

Its portability means it can be taken from job to job without hassle. With a cordless drill in New Zealand, you’ll have the power to get the job done quickly and effectively.


A jigsaw is an essential power tool for anyone wanting to unleash creativity. Whether you’re making intricate wood designs or precise cuts in plastic and metal, a jigsaw can do it all. 

These tools feature variable speed settings, so you can make precise and smooth cuts in whatever material you’re working with. You can find top-of-the-line jigsaws online at great prices. Ensure you get one with a dust extraction port and a blade guide for the highest quality results.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is a must-have power tool for any DIYer or professional. This saw type makes straight and curved cuts through various materials, including wood, plastic, metal, and masonry. 

It is powerful and easy to use, making it ideal for various projects, from framing and trimming to roofing and flooring. When shopping for a circular saw, look for one that is lightweight, has a comfortable handle, and has an adjustable blade guard for safety. Be sure to choose the right blade for your project.


A router is an essential tool for many DIY projects. It can help create smooth edges and custom shapes with various bits. For example, a router can create curved edges on furniture, door frames, and even shelves. 

The power and accuracy of the router make it an excellent choice for woodworking projects. A router is an invaluable tool for those looking to make precise cuts. 

Plus, with the right accessories, you can easily make intricate cuts. With the right router in your toolbox, you can unleash your creativity and take your projects to the next level.


If you want to create perfectly flat surfaces with precision, then a planer is the tool for you. With a planer, you can easily shape wood and plastic into the desired shape and thickness. This makes it perfect for creating smooth edges, chamfers, or rabbets in your projects. 

You can also use it to level out an uneven surface before using it in your project. With a planer, you can unleash your creativity and create excellent results.

Belt Sander

A belt sander is a powerful tool that uses a continuous loop of sandpaper to smooth and shape surfaces. The belt rushes over the surface, removing material quickly and efficiently. 

Belt sanders can be used for various creative projects, such as sanding down rough or uneven surfaces, shaping wood or metal, and removing old finishes or paint.

Heat Gun

A heat gun is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of DIY projects. It works by blowing hot air onto a surface, which can be used to remove paint, loosen adhesives, shrink-wrap items, and thaw frozen pipes, among other things. 

A heat gun can be a valuable addition to any homeowner’s tool collection, as it can be used to tackle various tasks that would otherwise require manual effort or specialized equipment.

In conclusion, having a set of power tools can be invaluable for DIY enthusiasts looking to take on various projects around the home in New Zealand. Always wear appropriate safety gear and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. With the right tools and precautions, you can create a safe and productive environment for your creative DIY projects at home.

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Time to Take a Trip on Amtrak From NYC To Washington DC For $20



The amazing cherry blossom trees in Washington DC are open, around April 4 and last as late as April 18.  Now there is a really inexpensive way to see this remarkable site. New low fares now available on select Amtrak trains departing from 7pm – 5am traveling between New York City, DC and stops in between. Night Owl fares offer the same great coach service you expect on Amtrak, but at a new low price. Book today and save!

What to Expect Onboard

  • Large comfortable leather seats, with plenty of space and legroom to stretch out, or curl up.
  • No Middle Seats – ever.
  • Free WiFi and power outlets at your seat.
  • Bring up to four bags free – yes, two personal items and two bags – for free.
  • Easy downtown-to downtown service.
  • Arrive at station minutes, not hours, before departure for quick and easy boarding.
  • Looking to rest along the way? Grab a seat in the quiet car.

So, skip the hassles of airports and driving. There is no reason to catch a red eye when you can be a Night Owl.

*Please note Moynihan Train Hall is closed from 1am to 5am daily. Please plan to depart from or arrive at Penn Station during the hours of 1am – 5am.

Sample One-Way Coach Fares To/From:

  • New York – Washington: $20
  • New York – Baltimore/BWI: $15
  • Washington – Newark/Newark Liberty: $15
  • New York – Philadelphia: $10
  • New York – Wilmington: $10
  • Philadelphia – Washington: $10
  • Washington – Wilmington $10
  • Philadelphia – Baltimore/BWI: $5
  • New York – Newark/Newark Liberty: $5
  • Washington – Baltimore/BWI: $5
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Exploring the Differences Between Cyprus and Malta’s Citizenship by Investment Programs




Citizenship in developed countries is an advantage that promotes business. Therefore, it is unsurprising that wealthy business people want to find a way to obtain new benefits. Special programs allow solving this question. The applicant has the right to apply for citizenship and includes close relatives in the application.

The contribution of Immigrant Invest agency expert Svetlana Gorchakova to the choice of the offer will help evaluate the profits, compare costs, and apply for the program. In addition, professional tips will help speed up the decision-making process, set priorities and choose the best option for you and your family.

The offers on the market are diverse. It’s a tough choice for business owners. However, the appeal of the options captivates. Choosing between Cyprus residency by investment and citizenship in Malta is difficult. Learn the opinions of experts who help select the program to assess the received benefits.

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program

The program appeared not so long ago, but the government has already received the first results. Those wishing to obtain residency invest in the country, and the country uses the capital to improve living conditions. This way, the desire to invest brings benefits both to the state and to permanent residents. The features of the Cyprus golden visa keep up the high interest in the offer.

Eligibility Criteria

Requirements for wealthy investors are pretty simple. In addition to the availability of funds to meet the primary condition, it is necessary to pay attention to other compliance indicators. For example, business people can get the official status if they:

  • are of legal age and can make decisions;
  • speak Turkish or Greek;
  • have no previous convictions and are ready to confirm that there are no open cases.

Application and selection can be done not only independently.  The help of an accredited expert simplifies the process. The absence of a mandatory residency requirement also deserves attention.

Investment Options

Participants in the program must provide capital, which is used for the development of the country. Applicants can choose from several options, and the final cost of participation includes payment of additional fees. To obtain Cyprus residence by investment, it is necessary to:

  • make a financial contribution of 2 million euros or more to any existing business;
  • purchase real estate of 2 million euros and more, with the possibility of sale after three

It is also worth keeping in mind that the presence of real estate will allow you to extend the validity of the passport. The applicant’s name must be registered for the purchase of property worth 500 thousand euros or more. The sale of this property is not possible.

Benefits of Cyprus Citizenship

The business approach to evaluate the offer to obtain citizenship will allow us to highlight several privileges. Firstly, it is the new taxation system. Secondly, there is no need to plan business trips for a long time: many countries open their borders to holders of Cypriot passports. And the third is that you can return the investment in the short term. Return takes no more than three years. The presence of other benefits also deserves attention.

Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

Malta Gold Visa is an excellent investment for your future. The program allows you to obtain a second citizenship and develop your business without borders. Opportunity to travel, a good taxation system, and high living standards are available to all participants who have chosen the Malta CBI program.

Eligibility Criteria

Obtaining a passport to Malta causes specific difficulties. It is because the investor who has lived in the country for more than 12 months can apply for participation in the program. Despite the program’s name, foreigners must undergo a naturalization process.

The applicant must be of legal age and have enough financial resources to purchase a property. The exception to this is dependents who are included in the application. Having valid insurance is mandatory for all individuals who wish to apply for citizenship.

Investment Options

Investors who have chosen one of the proposed options can apply for an official document:

  • purchase of real estate (from 350 thousand euros);
  • conclusion of a lease agreement for 5 years (from 16 thousand euros per month);
  • purchase of government bonds (from 150 thousand euros).

In addition, it is necessary to make a financial contribution to the state fund. The amount is 650,000 euros. This requirement is relevant for all, regardless of the chosen option program.

Benefits of Malta Citizenship

One of the main advantages of a Malta citizenship program is the fast payback. Real estate cannot be rented out, so do not count on passive income. However, the price of the property is steadily increasing because:

  • no new buildings are being erected;
  • the market does not change;
  • there is a stable demand.

If the choice favors government bonds, their value is also increasing. According to preliminary estimates, the resale will bring up to 7% profit after the mandatory term of possession. It is also worth remembering the possibility of free travel to the European Union, Britain, and Australia.

Which program to choose?

The desire to get a Malta passport by investment is comparable to participation in the Cyprus program. However, regardless of the option chosen, wealthy foreigners benefit from real estate purchases, enjoy the same privileges, and have a high standard of living.

The decision must be justified, so it is worth evaluating all sides of using the offer. It is enough to clarify the characteristics, which include:

  • the total cost of participation, including the addition of family members and additional expenses;
  • the benefits offered after receiving second citizenship;
  • opportunities for business development in the tourism industry.

Many people think that Malta citizenship by investment is a better investment. However, the real estate market is not updated for many years. Therefore, buying property becomes a complicated procedure because you have to spend a lot of time looking for options. In addition, you need to live in the country as a residency for a year, and this condition can stop you from participating.

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