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Top summer garden party ideas

Top summer garden party ideas

There’s nothing like inviting your friends and family over to your home and putting on an impressive spread. It’s even better when the weather is warm enough to have your dinner party outside, but hosting an event in your yard poses many challenges, especially if you’re not used to planning outdoor events. Fortunately, garden parties are easy enough to navigate once you have the basics down, which is where this blog comes in to help. Check out some of our best garden party tips and ideas to make sure your summer events are a success.

Get the right greenery

Sitting out in the garden can become tiresome if there’s nowhere to take cover and enjoy a cool patch of shade. While parasols and tents can do the trick in a pinch, if you have a large garden, you may want to invest in some greenery. Not only will this be a more permanent solution, but it will also make your garden appear fuller and more vibrant. One of the best ways to create shade is with a line of thuja green giant arborvitae trees, which not only grow to impressive heights but are also evergreen, meaning you never have to worry about them losing their leaves.

No furniture? No problem

You may be thinking about investing in furniture for your garden party, but it’s not essential. While it’s never a bad idea to have some seating and a table, you can just as easily host a picnic party. Just make sure you have a large blanket (or several if you want to set up various stations) and some cushions or bean bags to sit on. There’s no need to create an elaborate seating area and buy lots of tables, especially if you’re only going to be hosting one garden party per year. Embrace a more bohemian aesthetic and bond with your nearest and dearest in a new way.

Don’t underestimate décor

Many people assume that because their dinner party is in the garden they don’t need to decorate in the same way as they would indoors. However, using streamers, ribbons, lanterns, and balloons can bring your garden to life. Even if you have lots of colorful flowers in pots around the garden, special party decorations give your space a more festive feeling. Decorations are especially key if your guests are used to seeing your garden on a regular basis, as little extra touches will help them to see that this is a special day.

Add lighting

Do you expect your garden party to carry on into the night? The last thing you want is for your guests to be sitting in the dark. Invest in appropriate garden lighting to illuminate your conversations into the early hours. Consider choosing atmospheric lanterns, fairy lights, and candles to set the mood. Alternatively, you may also want to think about installing security lights in case somebody trips or needs to see more clearly. These will also come in handy year-round, so see them as an investment in the future.

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