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Top Tips for Golfers This Season

Top Tips for Golfers This Season

Playing golf requires certain skills, it is true, so the important thing is to learn to play golf in the hands of professionals or, at least, amateurs with a good sense and patience of how to play. 

Once on the ‘green’, beginners must learn a series of codes that are associated with dress and conduct on the field. All players and members of any respected golf club have “standards” and if you are serious about becoming a golfer and really want to learn how to play, you will have to uphold them also. Dress codes may vary slightly depending on the resort or course, some are perhaps stricter than others, especially on private fields. In some Spanish golf courses and other foreign places there are usually a set of rules that apply to the putting green, driving range and even in the leisure area. Often the players family and friends must also follow the dress code.

If you are a little lost in this area take note of the below tips to help you with your round of golf this season:

– Let’s start with the head. You can use a cap to avoid the annoying rays of the sun, but you must do it correctly with the visor facing forward. You can also use a straw hat if you prefer.

– Shirts on the ‘green’ often come in the form of a polo shirt that has short sleeves and a collar. This garment is usually understated and neutral in colour, avoiding any bold prints, lively colours, and large slogans. The shirt must also be tucked inside the pants and buttoned at the chest. During the winter season there are long-sleeved versions available to wear underneath a sweater.

– The pants are often of a classic cut, in a single colour and can be cut off at the knee during the summer, these are also normally accompanied by a belt. Shorts in floral print, jean material or tracksuits are not appropriate on the golf course. Women have the option to wear a golf skirt that falls slightly above the knee.

– You must always remember your golf socks and be sure not to wear any football socks.

– Lastly, and most important, is the footwear. This must be specially designed for the practice of golf, with soft plastic spikes to not damage the course. In most clubs it is strictly forbidden to wear metal spikes as well as any type of open shoe or flip flops, even if it is summer.

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Perhaps it is also worth noting some things that are not allowed at respected golf courses and resorts are any worn out clothes or items that expose too much skin, enough to bother families that make use of the golf course as a family recreation area. Most clubs also prohibit both golfers and visitors to bring pets on the field as well as using electronic devices that may annoy other players with noise, especially mobile phones.


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