Top Tips To Consider When Moving House

Top Tips To Consider When Moving House

You have found your dream home and moving day is looming quicker than you anticipated. With there being so many things to consider when moving to a new house, remembering everything can be overwhelming and make the whole process more stressful than is necessary. From fixing the older metal roofing sheets to giving the carpets a deep clean, not only do you need to pack up your belongings but leave the house in a respectful state too. Fortunately, we have compiled some top tips to consider when moving to a new house, to make the process more seamless. 

Start Sooner Rather Than Later 

Once you know you are moving to a new house, it’s important that you start planning your move. A beneficial way of doing this is to write down what you need to do and put a date it needs to be completed by. This way you can work through the tasks and have realistic time frames, instead of doing everything in the last few weeks. The planning will help you to remain organised and calm during the move. 

Begin Packing Early 

In addition to making a list of all the jobs you need to complete before the move way in advance, it’s also a good idea to begin packing early too. This way you can be sure that you have all your belongings and will give you time to sort through items that you want and don’t need, so your new house isn’t cluttered up with items. When packing, you need more time to ensure that everything is labelled in the correct box and fragile items have been carefully packed to prevent any damage during transit. 

You can also move the items you want to keep into storage during this time, so you have more space in the house to do any last-minute DIY. When you start packing, work through a room at a time and only leave items out that you are still using. 

Label The Boxes 

As previously mentioned, it’s important that everything is well labelled. Not only do you need to put what is in the box, but the room that it goes in too. It’s advised that you label more than one side to make it easier to see the contents of the boxes even when they are piled high. 

If your boxes are going into storage, make a list of all the boxes and even their contents that will be placed in storage. This will help to prevent any items from going missing during the move. 

Pack An Essentials Box 

Pack an ‘essentials’ box that contains tea, coffee, the kettle etc, so you can unpack this first when you arrive at your new house. Additionally, have your bed sheets, duvets and pillows in a box at hand, as well as remote controls, phones and chargers. This will allow you to unpack these first, so you won’t spend hours looking for your bedding or chargers for your phone. 

Set Up The Bed First 

After the long day of moving, you will appreciate that you set the bed up at the beginning of the move. Get the beds moved into their specific rooms and put all the bedding on them as soon as you arrive at the new house, so when you’re tired at the end of the day, you won’t have one last thing to do. 

Hopefully these top tips will help you to move to a new house without getting stressed or forgetting anything. Happy moving! 


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