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Top Tourist Places to Visit In Thailand

Top Tourist Places to Visit In Thailand

Over the past few years, Thailand had become a tourist hotspot of Southeast Asia. It has beautiful tropical beaches, several palaces, and numerous ancient temples of Lord Buddha along with that here you will find Hi-tech cities like-Bangkok and Pattaya. While travelling to any country you should pay proper attention to the travelling agencies that provide travel services. It is advisable that you should be very prudent while choosing the travel agency for your Thailand trip. Thai ota makes your journey to Thailand special and comfortable along with that it also provides numerous offers and discounts on advance booking. Such kinds of platforms are actually quite trending and people are appreciating their services.


Beaches are the main reason behind the popularity of Thailand among the people of the whole world. The best time to visit these beaches is between Novembers to April. The wonderful beaches of Thailand show a unique combination of natural beauty and world-class comforts.

The floating markets

If you never saw a boat which is full of vegetables, fruits or other edibles then you should go to Thailand and visit those floating markets which are now become a world-famous tourist spot. People specialty comes to these places all over the year.

The full moon party

The beach parties can mesmerize anyone but in the case of Thailand, you will find some special arrangements. The full moon parties organized on various beaches of Thailand are highly appreciated by the tourists for different ambience. Along with that one can witness half-moon, black moon or Shiva moon party.


The cultural heritage of Thailand is very rich. If you are travelling to the capital city of Bangkok then you can see 417 years old structures of Ayutthaya, which looks like an open-air museum. It is a World Heritage site according to UNESCO. Numerous people from various countries come here to know about different aspects of the Buddhist religion and take a close look at some masterpiece of art and architecture.


It is one of the smallest islands in Thailand situated in the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Tao is also called Turtle Island and it is considered as a heaven for those who love scuba diving. You can perform scuba diving with the help of instructors as well as you can enroll yourself for scuba diving course at very affordable prices at this Island. Apart from water sports, various tracking options are available on this Island and the best time to visit this place is between March to May.


If you actually want to see some magnificent creations of Buddhist culture then you should visit the Buddha temples which are situated at various locations of Thailand. Such kind of place is heaven for the lovers of architecture. One can see 3-metre tall gold statue a Budha at Wat Tramit which weights approx. 5.5 tons.

Apart from all these places, there are numerous other destinations in Thailand which can be visited throughout the year. Here you will find numerous national parks that you can visit to make your itinerary to Thailand special one.


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