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Top useful tips for car owners

Top useful tips for car owners

Most of us are not even familiar with the inner workings of our cars. Everyone might not be an automobile engineer but, when you own a car or any vehicle, there are a few basic things that you must know, and so you could use them whenever required. 

We spend at least 90 minutes a day behind the wheels on an average. So, why not spend it comfortably and without any difficulties. Here are a few useful tips for car owners to turn a mundane trip into a peaceful journey.


Getting into the car, putting in the keys and starting the car right away and driving them to your location is not a clean practice. The engine gets damaged when we do this on a daily routine. 

You will basically have to let the oil in the engine to get to all the critical components by allowing it to settle for at least 10s. Especially in cold weather, you must practice this, and give the engine, even more, a long time to settle. So, get in the car, start it up and wait for around 10 to 15 minutes and then start your drive.


Today’s oils are way better than the older ones. They could last up to 7500 miles, while synthetics could last even more than that. It is not necessary for a car owner to change the oil every 2000 miles. Many people forget about their air compressors. 

Just because you have an air compressor, it does not mean that you need to change its oil. But to maintain them regardless of the temperature damage and other damages, we could use synthetics, i.e., an air compressor oil ( a suitable one) you can also read more about it on BestforDriver website, find best tips and take care of your car better. 


When we park cars at a huge parking lot, it always becomes a difficult task to remember the parking location. Every car owner or the driver must have faced this situation at least once. The task becomes even tighter at night time or when the car has been parked at multi-level parking. 

We do not remember to check the row no or the level no of the lot. And this problem is no longer trouble if you drop a pin and mark the location. You could do this simple trick with your Google maps or any app that is exclusively available for this purpose. By doing this, you could find your parking location in no time.


A regular should only be filled in a car that needs regular and not premium. There will never be any performance benefit or better fuel economy. You could get to know about the type of gasoline for your car just by having a look at your car’s manual or somewhere near the gasoline tank. If the premium had been recommended, then you could go for it.


You cannot say that your tires are not flat, the oils are correct, that you got enough coolant, that you got enough windshield fluid without even inspecting your car just because you drive every day. You cannot take these for granted. 

Every time before you get into a car, take a quick walk around it. Check if your tires are looking fine, check if your blinkers are working, make sure of your headlights, indicators, taillights are all working fine. Also, check if your tire pressure is not overinflated or underinflated. The recommended pressure for your car will be somewhere near your door jam.


Few people clean their car with paper towels on their paint, or they make use of no liquid when they use a towel on their color. A lubricant is always preferred while you are cleaning your car and never use paper towels while cleaning off the paints. Use a microfibre cloth and a suitable lubricant.

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