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Top UX Trends in 2019

Top UX Trends in 2019

1. Introduction
             If we speak about the last year concerning UX trends, such words come up in our minds as Artificial Intelligence, more intelligent personalization, and also Virtual Reality. What is more, it is worth mentioning the well-known word “Bitcoin”. Besides, UX trends of 2017 included minimalism regarding layouts. No matter where you looked, you could see the pixel-perfect illustrations in combination with videos. Additionally, the last year’s animations were quite well-done and functional. If we mention gradients, it is possible to say they were popular.
What were the last year’s trends?
1. Gamification.
2. Conversational interfaces.
3. Personalization.
          However, this year there are other UX best practices.
2. Top UX trends in 2019
2.1 Seamless interface as one of the user experience trends in 2019
         This kind of interface supports the idea of unification. Meaning, all the content should be put on the one page. There are not any transitions if the user clicks on it. Thanks to this, the user stays only on the main page. This is because there is no need to leave this page because all the information is present on this page.
         This trend is quite useful. Especially, it is a good idea for such websites that are loading very slowly when the user is making transitions on the website. Consequently, this trend will help not only to save time but also leaves the user happy with the service of the website.
2.2 Gradient transitions as one of the latest UX trends
           One of the top UX design trends is Gradient transitions. Today, Gradients are utilized to help connect the audience with the product by making a channel between the bold product and the potential customer. When the user is attracted by the transition of one shade or hue or another, they are being intrigued. As a result, the audience is becoming interested in the product more and more.
         Hence, Gradient transitions are a very powerful UX trend of 2019. It is possible to conclude that it can be staying popular for a long time because it is very useful and effective.
2.3 A Greater Influence of Content on UX Design
           The future of UX design is all about quality content plus visual elements. It means that all the distracting factors will be removed, and only engaging content with great imagery will remain. Consequently, it is possible to assume that the most important element of the website is content, but not a design. Meaning, the design depends on the content. So all the irrelevant element of the website in 2019 will be removed, keeping the reader focused on the content. Therefore, it is good news for those users who like minimalism, which has been a trend of 2017, to sum up.
2.4 Greater Role Of Voice User Interfaces
        One of the trends to follow in 2019 is a greater role of voice user interfaces. Nowadays voice interactions have become a common thing. For instance, they are used when you need to hear some news, get some translations, or look for some entertainment. Also, some banks already offer the possibility to use their service with a help of voice user interfaces. Besides, if you need timers, reminders, notifications about the weather, calendars, home automation, and more, you may utilize such an interface. It is becoming more and more popular nowadays and is expected to remain a UX trend even in 2020.
2.5 Usage of Custom illustrations
          Feature images are becoming an essential element of many websites. This is because their presence leaves a sense of human touch, making the content personal. Therefore, reading an article on the website, the user will think that he or she gets the information from a real human who stands behind the story.
For instance, custom illustrations will be utilized when describing:
– Politicians,
– Interesting Characters,
– Things in motion,
– Subtle branding,
– Fashion drawings.
           All in all, such illustrations appeal to a human factor and make the user trust more to the writer of those texts, making the website seem more trustworthy.  
2.6 Soothing colors
            Relaxing colors are very useful in the UX design in 2019. They have to be soothing in order to prevent the user from stress and make them calm down. This is a very important thing to do because more and more people are undergoing stress at work. Often, in order to escape from reality and read something engaging, they surf the net, visiting the websites. Therefore, this should be taken into account when creating a website. All in all, a website of 2019 should be comfortable to glance over. Consequently, soothing colors are a must trend of the near future.


Name of the Color Color
Sea Sparkle
Bali Blue
Blue Willow

         Summing up, the fact that people are becoming more and more connected with electronics in everyday life, still, they remain humans, not robots. Therefore, the latest trends producers of 2019 take it into consideration when creating new websites.


Top UX design trends suppose website should be more human-like. Meaning, despite the fact we are stepping more and more into the era of total computerization, UX design should still take into account a human factor. The latest trends are all about comfort and usability, making the life of the average user easier.


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