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Touring New York City Best Wine Tasting Bars

Touring New York City Best Wine Tasting Bars

One of the most upsetting comments that we’ve read came from a New Yorker. Apparently, despite being a New Yorker they had never tasted wine. Now, we know NYC can be confusing for newcomers, but, one thing that NYC excels at is wine. With craft wine and local vineyards growing in population, everyone can take a step towards enjoying wine and having a fun experience. 

Sure, there are more kinks you need to work out before you can plan out your local vineyard trip. You need to plan out the entire trip from ahead and book a lot of appointments. However, a day out with friends and family enjoying the best wines that the metropolitan city has to offer awaits you on the other side, and we’re here to ease your way into it. 

1.   Book ahead

The first step to doing something like this is, of course, to make sure that you have a driver. Now, we recommend booking a bus from ahead. Figure out which kind of bus you want, and get professional quotations to figure out your budget. Why a driver? Because it’s pretty hard to be sober in a bus filled with friends who’re drunk, and passing that buck can become quite difficult. Now, an NYC group minibus rental can solve all your problems, and that’s something you can look forward to. Don’t worry about budgeting problems, since, larger groups end up paying less on these vehicles than they’d do by driving there personally. 

Also, many wineries might not allow a long stretch of vehicles to come in owing to constraints in parking spaces, and it’s better to plan ahead. 

2. Plan your trip

The list of prospective wineries in and around New York is sadly inexhaustible. To make your job a bit easier, we’ve listed out some of our top picks below. 

  1. Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery – Started in 1962, this winery has a fine selection of wine dated all the way back to 1886. The wines are delectable and the tasting platters have earned appreciation from all around the globe. The food is also very varied, and you can taste a variety of tasting platters. 
  2. Diamond Hill Vineyards – Though they cut their teeth in the art of making spiced cider, the Diamond Hill Vineyards are the place to find the meanest Pinot Noir on this side of the glove. The lush farmland makes for a wonderful trip. 
  3. Opus One Winery – A trip to Napa Valley will always bring you joy. Opus One Winery brings out the beauty of Napa Valley. Taste their selection of cheeses and local wines and remember to taste the famous Verdot from here too. 
  4. Melville Winery – the creme de la creme of California wine originates from here. Sign up for their membership programme when you’re there to get their bottles at your home too. 

3. Send out itineraries 

Even if you’re sloshed and there’s no way for you to enjoy the entire trip anymore, everyone should know which path to take next. Remember to inform the driver about the entire route, and to plan for detours. Also, mark down the washrooms along the way to account for any emergencies that may arise. 

Also, this is a great way to find out about other destinations to include in your plans.

4. Read up

NYC wine might not have the culture of Italian or Grecian wines, but, the culture has survived more than wines usually survive. From Prohibition-era bootlegging to the moonshine stories that became a myth, NYC wines have stories to tell. Remember to read up on the history of the vineyards you’re going to. These also act as great conversation starters. 

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