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Feng Shui Pet

Train your furry friend without losing your mind

Train your furry friend without losing your mind

When you bring a pup into your family, several expectations surround that one infant dog. You would want to have fun and enjoy your leisure time with this new family member. However, all these expectations must be according to their mental and physical state. Hence, understanding animal psychology is significant before getting a new pet into your family. Moreover, preparing the house and making it puppy-proof is your first responsibility. With a crate, baby gates, and a cage, you have to make every provision so that the new member feels safe and satisfied. 

Provide your pet with appropriate toys to chew and eliminate destructive behavior and accidents opportunities. Never provide them with toys of human toddlers because they come out of different materials that might be harmful to your puppies. On the whole, careful supervision of their activities is significant if you want to keep them safe and sound. 

Helpful tips for training the dog like an expert

Dogs do not understand human language. The new puppy you got at home just a few days back has no idea of your words and their meanings. Hence, you must have a realistic expectation about their actions on your instruction. Apart from this, you must take care of the following points: 

  • Learn their body language: Your pet may not convey to you how they feel because they can’t talk. However, there are ways of understanding their body language. You may start learning about these both online and offline. There are valuable articles that various trainers upload on their websites. You can go through them to build your basics. 

When you reward your pet for their decent behavior, they continue their activities and stay disciplined. 

  • Use high-value treats: You may be surprised at how your pet will work hard to get a tiny piece of cheese, chicken breast, or liver. You don’t have to get high-quality treats from the store for this purpose. Although they are ideal for a distraction-free setting, your home treats will do the job for you. Make sure that these training treats are soft and easily chewable. You may meet Off Leash K9 team here for additional information on dog training. 
  • Dogs follow what gets reinforced: Dog owners often support different kinds of undesirable things like excessive barking when the doorbell rings. However, you must stay mindful of how you train them. You may leave food within their reach, and eventually, your dog will learn how and when to get the food item. 

You have to regularly reward your pet for the correct behavior through treats and praise. 

  • Be generous with your praise: You have to be quick with your reward and treats if you want your dog to keep up the good behavior. When you make the pet happy, they will never fail to keep up to your expectations. 

It would benefit you if you always had a happy face when your pet walked towards you. Never punish the dog when they approach you. Irrespective of how your mood is. Always keep a positive attitude and make your dog feel happy.

Feng Shui Pet

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