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Travel: Inside Mount Athos By The Holy Father, Geron Nektarios, Abbot of the Kalyve of Holy Cross in Skete of Saint Anne in Mount Athos Part 2



Yesterday we showed you insight to Mount Athos.

According to the legend, the Blessed Virgin Mary was sailing accompanied by St John the Evangelist from Joppa to Cyprus to visit Lazarus. When the ship was blown off course to then-pagan Athos, it was forced to anchor near the port of Klement, close to the present monastery of Iviron. The Virgin walked ashore and, overwhelmed by the wonderful and wild natural beauty of the mountain, she blessed it and asked her Son for it to be her garden. A voice was heard saying, “Ἔστω ὁ τόπος οὗτος κλῆρος σὸς καὶ περιβόλαιον σὸν καὶ παράδεισος, ἔτι δὲ καὶ λιμὴν σωτήριος τῶν θελόντων σωθῆναι” (Translation: “Let this place be your inheritance and your garden, a paradise and a haven of salvation for those seeking to be saved”). From that moment the mountain was consecrated as the garden of the Mother of God and was out of bounds to all other women.

Always under repair. This peninsula is kept in working order.

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Watching The Gift Of Giving Is A Blessing In Many Ways



My biggest guilty pleasure is watching East Idaho’s Secret Santa video’s on YouTube. Watching these men and women who are so deserving be seen and heard fills my heart with such joy. Sometimes the thanks is just around the corner.

The Secret Santa is a native Idahoan who lives in eastern Idaho. The money comes directly from him – not some program, organization, charity or trust fund. The recipient’s must live in eastern Idaho and have a true need. If you wonder what a “true need” is or are unsure if your nominee will qualify for a gift, submit your nomination.

The Secret Santa looks for responsible and deserving citizens who have done everything in their power to care for themselves but ill fortune or unfortunate situations have put them at a significant disadvantage. In the past, Secret Santa has provided cars, washers and dryers, furniture, special computers, dental care, diapers, gas and grocery cards and other items.

Recipients of gifts are not taxed by the IRS. However, on some large gifts over $16,000, the giver must pay a gift tax to the IRS. Secret Santa pays all necessary gift and sales taxes. Many wonder if Secret Santa gets a tax break on the gifts he gives away. Since these are gifts, and not business expenses, Secret Santa cannot claim these as tax deductions. He receives no tax benefit whatsoever.

Secret Santa and have been surprising people in need since 2015. That year, Secret Santa gave away $100,000. The amount has increased every year since then.

Secret Santa tells us about one Christmas when he was a young man living temporarily in a foreign country. Since he was away from home, he was not expecting any gifts but on Christmas morning, when he sat down for breakfast, there was a present on his table. It was not an expensive gift and it was anonymous. It was the only Christmas gift he received that year and it had a big impact on him. He did not know who it was from, but he knew someone loved and cared about him. That lifted him up beyond what anyone could imagine. To this day, he has no idea who gave him that small gift. But it still brings a flood of good feelings to him every time he relives that moment.

Today, there are countless people around him who love him, and he wants others to know that there are people who love them and care about them. He believes that giving anonymously with no expectation of receiving anything in return is the ultimate expression of love and caring. He wants others to have the experience that he did as a young man over 50 years ago.

Secret Santa appreciates anyone who wants to help, but he is not asking for donations. He encourages you to find someone in your own community who needs help and bless them – then pay attention to how that brightens your day. His message to the world: Everyone can be a Secret Santa!

Letters to Secret Santa can be sent to:

East Idaho News
c/o Nate Eaton
390 West Sunnyside Road
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

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Travel: Mount Athos By The Holy Father, Geron Nektarios, Abbot of the Kalyve of Holy Cross in Skete of Saint Anne in Mount Athos



We have showed you insight to Mount Athos, in several articles thanks to The Holy Father, Geron Nektarios, Abbot of the Kalyve of Holy Cross in Skete of Saint Anne in Mount Athos. He also sent us Mount Athos in winter.

In these video’s Mount Athos weather’s a storm, showing God and his infinite glory.

The Abbot was suppose to visit New York in late October, but was ill and will now hopefully be here in April of 2024.

What makes coving Mount Athos so. special is that Mount Athos has never been inhabited by women and now the head of the island is personally showing his photo’s and video’s to our readers.

Mount Athos for those who do not know is a mountain on the Athos peninsula in northeastern Greece. It is an important center of the Eastern Orthodox religion. 

Mount Athos has been inhabited since ancient times and is known for its long Christian presence, which date back to at least 800 AD during the Byzantine era. Because of its long history of religious importance, the Monastic community of Mount Athos was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988.

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Get Ready For The Newlife Expo And Nourish Your Body, Mind and Soul



The The Newlife Expo is the longest running Holistic Expo in America (34 Years)and the largest in New York. From October 27-29, Friday, 4-10pm, Sat: 10am-9pm, Sun 10:30am -7:30pm. Join the NewLife consciousness and discover limitless possibilities. “Reinvent Your Destiny.” learning about holistic well-being, transformative insights, and cutting-edge products. Celebrate the union of mind, body, and spirit. with 100 exhibitors , musicians & lectures.

There will be a healthy food area, a cacao ceremony, sound bath healing and music concerts so that you can stay all weekend enjoying lectures, exhibit booths, special events and panels.

The Expo used to be held in Manhattan but now is in Brooklyn at BK Loft 26, 153  26th St (off of 4th Ave) in Park Slope/Sunset Park and is conveniently located around the corner from the “R” subway and nine blocks away from the “D” train. The event is close to the Brooklyn/Queens expressway and the Verrazano Bridge for out of towners.

Hear some of the top names in this industry such as Jason Shurka, Jodi Serota, Gail Thackray, Maureen St. Germain, the founder of NewLife Expo Mark Becker, Dr. Shahnoz Rustamova, and many others


NewLife consciousness is for those who embody the spirit of health and consciousness

Learn more at

Look for our coverage of the event.

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Konark Sun Temple Comes To Times Square



Celebrating India’s 77th Independence Day August 15,  a stone art inspired by The Konark Sun Temple was put on displayed in Times Square. The piece was made by Amaresh Chandra Bindhani and team from Odisha, India and is available to see at 44th Street and Broadway until August 22.

The artwork shows 24 wheels of the Konark Sun Temple, giving a glimpse of the rich Indian heritage and an opportunity to Americans to get an idea of the temple’s architecture. Made of sandstone and was unveiled by Indian celebrity chef Vikas Khanna on Tuesday.

Afterwards it will be installed at Vikas Khanna’s upcoming flagship restaurant in 2024.


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Travel: More of Mount Athos



We have showed you insight to Mount Athos, in several articles thanks to The Holy Father, Geron Nektarios, Abbot of the Kalyve of Holy Cross in Skete of Saint Anne in Mount Athos. We also got to see Mount Athos in winter.

He has generously sent us more of Mount Athos to share with our readers.

We are especially proud to show these to you as Mount Athos has never been inhabited by women and now the head of the island is personally showing this to our readers.

They have been doing lots of maintenance and these video’s show the daily work in progress.

Geron Nektarios, Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi, Mount Athos will be coming to New York around October 20th and T2C will definitely be covering that.

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