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Traveling – Top 5 Destinations for You to Visit This Year

Traveling – Top 5 Destinations for You to Visit This Year

Ideas about traveling and top 5 destinations for you to visit. The most unique countries in the world, their attractions, special features, reasons to visit.

Traveling Widens Your Mind

Some people have never traveled beyond their city or region, though they believe they know everything about any place.

Others though don’t get tired of moving from one place to another, crossing continents and oceans in search of new places, new adventures, new knowledge. They share their experiences and emotions in blogs, personal pages, social networks. They don’t need an expository essay writing guide to write the best notes and essays about their trips.

Do you remember the envy and admiration you felt when you were following their posts and dreaming that once you will visit at least a small part of those places?

Top 5 Places to Visit

Now, make a change in your life! Here are the places-to-visit-in-2018:

  • South Korea, a country that is called a playground for modern Asia;
  • Portugal, a country of fascinating sunsets and narrow fairy-tale streets;
  • Chile, a country, isolated from the world by the Andes and the Pacific Ocean;
  • South Africa, the safari land;
  • Malta, the county of millennia-long history.

Why Such a Selection?

There are many amazing places in different parts of the world, though these ones are the best to start with, for some reasons. They are located in different parts of the world; hence, you will get unique experiences indeed. Those are places that have their own unique history and culture. Hence, unforgettable experiences and emotions are guaranteed.

Then, what are you waiting for? Which country do you start your journey from?

Modern Asia Welcomes You in South Korea

Seoul, a futuristic city, is happy to welcome tourists from all parts of the world. You will be amazed by the new high-line park. Why high-line? It is located along a disused highway. This park is unique as there are not only numerous cafes and bars, but libraries as well, along with fascinating architecture, delicious though strange cuisine, and kind people who will not leave you indifferent.

Getting Lost in Portugal

Amazing beaches, natural reserves, exquisite cuisine: it is not surprising that Portugal is in our list. Even though it is an attractive touristic destination, Portugal is filled with peace and ancient atmosphere. Walk in narrow streets of Lisbon, where life seems to slow down its flow, and you will understand the meaning of eternity.

Chile, the Unique Experience

Chile, with its heart Santiago, is isolated from the world in the direct sense of this word. The Andes form the eastern border of the country, the Pacific Ocean protects the Chilean shore in the west, the Atacama Desert protects the country borders in the north, and, finally, the wilds of Patagonia create the impenetrable wall to the south.

Coming there could be a challenge just about a century ago. Even though you can pick up a direct flight to Chile from London or Melbourne, you still may feel like a brave adventurer.

Now, you can explore a unique country, the country of snow-white statues, deep blue lakes, amazing beaches, sky-reaching mountains and extraordinary culture. You can try climbing Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano in the world! This country will change you forever.

Safari in South Africa – Dream of Your Life!

If you love breathtaking beaches, delicious food, wildlife and wine, then you cannot help visiting the South African Republic. This country has been a tourist attraction for many decades because of safari, but recently, new activities have been added. Among them, there are numerous sports events, festivals. Many of them are devoted to Nelson Mandela, to honour this legendary leader and attract more tourists. Hurry up before the country becomes too overcrowded!

Malta, a Place Where History Is Integrated into Life

When you were a child, did you admire all those brave knights who have been looking for adventures in faraway countries? In Malta, you can revive those emotions of your childhood. Malta is a country where history lives in every corner, every building, every street.

Who knows, maybe in these streets where you are walking, many centuries ago, Knights of Malta rode. People who live there keep the memories about the glorious history of their little country in the smallest details.

Even if you pass by a local shop to buy traditional cookies, you will get them packed in a rough linen bag embellished with the embroidered Maltese Cross.

Traveling is Getting a New Life

As many places you visit, as many times you live. Every time you go somewhere abroad, you plunge into a different life, different traditions and culture. After every trip, a new version of you will return back home – an updated and, possibly, a happier version.

Though, once you start traveling, you will not be able to stop, as you will never agree to live a routine life that you had before. Traveling changes views, attitudes towards life and life perception. If it is what you need, then just go for it, as the first country from the list is already missing you!


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