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Trekking in Nepal: What Are the Essential Gear and Equipment to Bring?

Trekking in Nepal: What Are the Essential Gear and Equipment to Bring?

Nepal is one of the famous trekking destinations in the world. Actually, this country consists of the eight 10 highest mountains in the world like the Mt. Everest. However, Nepal is an under-developed and rugged country in which weather is changeable, mountains can be extremely isolated, and supplies are restricted.

With that said, when trekking in Nepal, having all the needed equipment, gear, and even food is very important. So, if you’re planning to spend your next holiday or vacation on Nepal by trekking, here’s a list of what you need for a fun and comfortable trekking adventure in Nepal.

Gear and Equipment Needed for Trekking in Nepal

  • Hiking Shoes

One of the most important parts of trekking is walking. Thus, having a comfortable pair of hiking shoes is recommended especially if you want to have a wonderful and comfortable trekking experience.

Further, don’t forget to bring with you a pair of flip-flops or water shoes. Because after a tiring and long walk you might want to remove your trekking shoes and allow your leg to breath.

Either way, water shoes or flip-flop are great particularly while you’re resting in your cabin.

  • Headlamps

When you’re close to countryside, electricity is uncommon. So, for easy trekking t night, always bring a headlamp.

  • Water and Water Bottle

Keeping your body hydrated is essential while trekking to avoid dehydration. With that said, when you’re planning to go on a trek make sure to bring enough amount of water. Moreover, you should store it on re-usable bottles in order to lessen the waste made by plastic bottles.

  • First Aid Kit

First aid kit is one of the essential things which you shouldn’t miss to carry when going on a trek. Make sure to bring all the needed medication together with your first aid kit, so that when an accident happens you’re always ready.

Either way, pack your kit depending on the location you will visit as well as the number of hiking days. In addition to that, store it in a place where you can reach it with ease.

  • Hiking Stick

This trekking equipment always comes in handy particularly for trails which have frequent descends and ascends.

But, if you don’t have a hiking stick or don’t want to bring one, then look for a limb or tree branch. As a matter of fact, you can carve them depending on the purpose.

  • Snacks

Even though you obtain meals on treks, sometimes it is good to have something to eat on between breaks or stops.

It’s always a good idea to bring snacks such as chocolate bars or granola bars to pamper yourself while hiking. Such snacks can offer you the needed energy while trekking.

  • Compass or Maps

When going on a trek, make sure to bring either a compass or map. However, this stuff may not be essential most especially in well-marked trails. But in other places, they’re essential for your survival.

Indeed, having the right gear and equipment for your trek in Nepal is very important. As a reminder, don’t bring too much and unnecessary things as they might distress your trekking adventure.


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