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Trendy Interior Designs You Should Try For Your New Home

Trendy Interior Designs You Should Try For Your New Home

Joel Spolsky, a renowned writer who is also the brains behind Trello was once quoted saying that “design adds value faster than it adds costs.” This is exactly what some of us should be thinking about… adding value to our homes, or increasing its real estate value. Whether you’ve just relocated to a new or old home, or are looking to resell your house, interior design needs to be at the top of your priorities. But most people have got it all wrong, thinking that revamping their home’s interior design will cost a fortune. Sometimes it’s the little, less expensive things you do that make the most impact. Well, just like fashion, interior design trends come and go but a little pick me up won’t hurt. And even then, some design ideas never go out of style. To help you update the look of your house with some stylish home decoration ideas, here are trendy interior design tips you should try for your new home.

1. Add Some Sparkle with Decorative Mirrors

It’s funny how mirrors have the effect of making smaller rooms feel larger. If you have a smaller space, your rooms may not be receiving enough natural light, especially considering that you may be dealing with smaller windows. Now, if this is the case, one of the best things you can try is adding decorative mirrors on the walls directly across the windows. This will give the illusion of another window and in addition to this, add brightness to your rooms. Decorative mirrors come in all sizes and shapes. When used properly, they can help to enhance the dimensions of your rooms while at the same time filling empty spaces on the walls. Here are some tricks you’ll need to use when decking up rooms with decorative mirrors:

  • With mirrors, bigger is always better
  • Always ensure that mirrors are well positioned
  • Avoid hanging mirrors too high
  • Decorative mirrors can be expensive, making it important to avoid too much contact with them

2. Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Most people dread the idea of walking into a dated bathroom. There are a dozen reasons you may want to remodel your bathroom. First and foremost, the bathroom is among the most important parts of your home. Also, before making a deal, most home buyers will first want to look into the bathroom and the kitchen. The list of reasons goes on and on, but let’s take a look at the focal points of a bathroom that you may want to update.  

The faucets and bathroom hardware 

Showerheads are the most neglected hardware in a bathroom. But the design and placement of your showerhead can have a huge impact on your bathroom experience. It can affect your comfort and convenience while in the shower place. According to a guide on Showering Center, adding a shower arm extension not only adds value to your bathroom, but it also adds comfort to your life. With a good showerhead extension, you won’t ever have to do the shower dance or strain your neck to ensure water hits your body evenly. Also, some new, shiny, and stylish faucets can dramatically change the look of your bathroom. 

A fresh coat of paint 

To improve the look of your bathroom, the first thing you’ll need to do is change the color. Needless to mention, brighter colors often make a small space look bigger. But adding up some vibrant colors will give your bathroom a touch of vibrancy. Today, you have the option of adding matte paint to avoid mildew, so you don’t need to necessarily go for gloss paints.

Bathroom tiles 

Well let’s face it, most bathrooms are boring and this has to do with the choice of tiles. The best thing is that today, you don’t need an overhaul remodeling when it comes to freshening the look and feel of your bathroom tiles. Removable adhesive tiles, also known as peel-and-stick tiles, can do the trick when replacing scratched, dented, discolored or broken bathroom tiles. The fact that they are removable means that you can DIY whenever you get bored with the color without having to replace the existing tiles. There is a wide range of color choices, patterns, and textures to choose from, so be sure to choose what suits you best.

Add some wall art 

Now, who said you cannot add some wall art in your bathroom? And we’re no longer living in the age where water-resistant canvas prints adorned bathrooms! You can also personalize your art by making a wall gallery of starfish, decorative mirror artwork and prints, or hued glassware pieces.

3. Revamp Your Kitchen 

A lot of time is spent in the kitchen, cleaning the dishes, planning for meals and preparing them, entertaining guests, and the list is endless. So it’s only befitting to bless the room that holds families together with some design love. First things first, you need to choose the right colors for the kitchen cabinets. This means colors that make the kitchen look comfortable and bigger. If the walls have brighter colors, go for darker shades of colors for the cabinets and vice versa. This will give the room contrast as well as the idea of functionality. Below are some more interior design ideas you could borrow for your kitchen:

  • Kitchen lighting – It’s imperative to ensure that your kitchen has enough lighting. This should also go well with your overall kitchen design. For a modern look, dimmable and ambient kitchen lighting will perfectly do.
  • The right countertops – If you have a busy kitchen, you’ll need to invest in durable countertops. Countertops are not only functional, but they also add aesthetic properties in your kitchen. Today, you’ll be spoilt for options because of the many varieties of countertops in the market. If you are on a tight budget, you can always go for laminate countertops. After years of vilification, laminate countertops are once again reclaiming their popularity. For an upscale kitchen, granite, quartz, and marble will do, especially if you go for a design that includes a kitchen island.

4. Add a Personal Touch to Your Rooms

While you may want your home to be filled with designer products and accessories, it’s always important to add a touch of personality. All the aspects of interior design say a lot about the person you are and what you stand for. This means that while you’re enhancing the details, it’s also important to own what is already there. For instance, when it comes to painting your house, you may be tempted to wait years before you give your walls a fresh coat. To make your interior design more appealing, however, you may want to give your rooms a personalized wow effect by: 

  • Redecorating the walls with wallpaper
  • Adding some area rugs to define your space
  • Giving your home a personal touch with art
  • Ditching the boring and welcoming a little contrast
  • Adding flowers and potted plants for a natural aesthetic look and feel

Keeping up with a home interior design can feel overwhelming. But then again, your house could be where you’ll spend the rest of your days on the planet, making happy and sad memories. It’s also probably where you’ll grow grey hair. So you need to ensure that it’s comfy and attractive… and what better way to do that than adopting the trendy designs that you possibly can. The above home interior design tips can help to piece your home together, making even the most neglected rooms look fabulous.

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