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Trying to Declutter Your Life? Consider These Great Tips!

Trying to Declutter Your Life? Consider These Great Tips!


Most people lead extremely busy lives. Managing your work/home life can be challenging. This process is even more challenging if you feel like you are living in clutter. Not only is clutter something that takes up all of the free space in your home, it can also be activities that take up all of your free time. Nearly 54 percent of American adults claim to be overwhelmed by clutter.

Rather than letting the clutter issues in your life overwhelm you and cause additional stress, you need to take the time to work through these problems. Here are some of the things you can do to remove clutter from your life.

Take Stock of Your Cherished Items

One of the main reasons people give when asked why they can’t get rid of certain items is emotional attachment. If all of your treasured items are in a tote sitting in the corner of a room, they aren’t really serving any purpose. Taking the time to look objectively at the item your treasured possessions may help you let go of a few of them.

If you have a number of cassettes or vinyl albums from your childhood/teen years you want to hang on to, you need to think about going digital. There are a number of tools on the market that allow you to take the music from cassettes and albums and turn them into digital files. By doing this, you can preserve these sounds of your childhood forever without taking up more space. If you are looking for a way to make this task easier, EverPresent offers an amazing option.

Avoid Making New Commitments

If you feel like you do nothing but run from one commitment to another every day of the week, then it is time to declutter your schedule. Some people have a very hard time saying no when asked to take on new commitments or responsibilities. Reducing the number of commitments, you take on can severely diminish the amount of clutter in your daily schedule.

If you are having problems figuring out which commitments you need to detach from, you need to consider which activities you are passionate about. Hanging onto commitments that are a bother is foolish. You need to set up your schedule in a way that allows you to pursue your passions when you are not working your full-time job.


Work on Decluttering Your Work Area

Leaving a home that is cluttered only to enter a work environment with the same clutter issues can be frustrating. If your office desk is full of junk, now is the time to take action. Not only do you need to remove any unnecessary paperwork and tools from your desk, you also need to work on decluttering your work computer. Removing unneeded files can help you reduce clutter on your computer and increase operating speeds. If you are unsure about how to remove files and optimize the speed of your work computer, seeking out help from an IT professional is a good idea.

Now is the Time to Act

Putting of the decluttering process will only make this problem worse. This is why you need to start this process immediately. The time and effort you put into decluttering your life will be worth it in the long run.


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