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Two Mistakes You’ve Been Making to Pay High Energy Bills

Two Mistakes You’ve Been Making to Pay High Energy Bills

These days, every homeowner is keeping a watchful eye on their energy consumption only to watch their energy bills climb steadily higher each year. However, many still don’t consider one highly effective option, which is to switch energy supplier. Quite interestingly, “15% of households have never switched their energy, which means they have never tried something that can work wonders for them.

However, after switching energy suppliers and buying energy-efficient appliances, cutting consumption is the only way left for bill payers to try and keep the costs down. Here are a couple of ways you may have overlooked to save more energy in the home and keep a few pounds in your pocket over the course of a year.  

Standby Electrical Appliances

It is a common practice in most households to keep the electrical appliances on standby instead of switching them off completely. Some even believe it is what you are supposed to do and that the purpose of standby is to give users instant access and save the effort and time of plugging in and switching on. But this small convenience comes with a price in the form of high energy bills.

When you keep electrical appliances on standby instead of switching completely off, it is constantly consuming energy being in a ready to run position. The same is true for appliances with timers. When you set a timer such as those on modern coffee makers, ovens or slow cookers the device stays active from then on. This means it consumes energy for the time it is not working but just waiting on standby to begin the task.


The simple solution to avoid this redundant consumption of energy is to completely turn off all devices when not in use and limit the usage of the timer in devices.

Lighting Appliances

Lighting and the cost of energy-efficient bulbs are one of the major sources of energy consumption, particularly in public spaces such as the workplace. The excess consumption of electricity by lighting products is usually due to inappropriate lighting fixtures and incorrect wattage bulbs but can also due to wiring issues. Too many lights installed in a small area could be considered energy waste. Likewise, a large space with bulbs that don’t deliver enough light means more lights are switched on to compensate. 


These issues can be resolved by implementing practical solutions. For instance, you have to replace high energy-consuming products like incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lamps with low energy consuming products with LED lights. Also, install lighting with motion sensors that activate and deactivate as required automatically.

 No one wants to come home to a cold dark house and waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee is a great way to start the day. But every penny saved on your energy bills adds up to pounds throughout the year. For the sake of a little inconvenience and a small amount of compromise on modern living, there will be smaller bills that prove your efforts are worth it.


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