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UI Design: Job prospects for 2019

UI Design: Job prospects for 2019

In a world that mostly judges a book by the cover, UI is bound to gain immense importance in the digital space. With more than 25,000 jobs up for grabs in UI design in the US, the tech space seems to have solved the puzzle assertively relating a quality UI and digital products. Just like everything else under the sun, digital transformation is enveloping every industry, turn by turn. By virtue of all virgin technologies, the tech business is significantly impacted by the ultimate face which the technological empowerment gets: the UI.

The tech behemoths are leading the path shown by rising awareness about UI design and the importance of overall UX. A string of developments and universe of opportunities are on the cards for all tech enthusiasts. However, the margin of error is continuously shrinking with about 40% people bouncing off from a dull content layout. Amidst the rising competition, it is advisable to check if you’ll be the right fit for a career in UI design.

What sets up the altar?

Every website hosted over the web or an ultimate facelift given to any commercial organization is strictly agenda driven.  Web and customer behavioral data are consistently documented for quality insightful analytics in line with ultimate business goals. The esoteric venues of active customer engagement are efficiently conquered through the problem-solving ability, but the next primary contributor is the UI, diligently followed by an overall UX imparted to the customer.

In the US, companies are paying UI designers an average of $83,000 a year to win the battle of customer engagement in 2019! An ultimate incentive from the technology and customer engagement perspective is peddling the driving force behind a significant increase in number of UI design job. While the company knows they have only the first five seconds to grab a customer, they also understand that a website which takes more than two seconds to load attracts lesson number of crawlers from the Google Rank brain.

Why does UI design ride the Hype?

While branding is stealing the ultimate attention, it is imperative to realize that it is an excellent UI which is helping websites achieve the ultimate target. Robust, potent web application imparting an above average user experience is sure to lack if it is not sophisticatedly wrapped up in a great UI design. Thus, it becomes a chain reaction where competition for deeper involvement ends up at keeping up the UI, UX game.

“How I can excel UI design?”

Hone your skills at the basics

For every UI designer, the basics like graphic design, CSS, Photoshop, and Illustrator are the basics and essential ones. Without any one of these (not knowing more than one of them could be disastrous), they are sure to curtail creativity and experience a sense of paralysis.

Don’t underestimate the Laws of Human-Computer Interaction

The basic design patterns may not grab your attention, but they are making a world of sense laying the foundation of every great UI. Industries are following common design patterns and a spectrum of techniques based on customer psychology and demonstrated behavior. Never stray and always be conscious of not letting your creativity and innovation die off along the course.

Honestly Practice Wire framing & Prototyping

UI is a complex combination of crest creativity and terrific technology. Wire framing your final designs and helping them evolve with an updated version of prototype is a sensible idea. Thinking in terms of a prototype upgrade and a foundational wireframe model can help you design a great business centric UI design.

Think “Enterprisingly,” Showcase marketable skills

Typical enterprise thinking can be a massive contribution from the UI designer’s end. Thinking under the lights of brand identity, increasing customer magnetization and higher profitability can lead to a much-improved design eventually.

How do I check if it is a supreme quality, classic UI design?

Here is your checklist:

  • Precisely optimized page speeds for higher degree of indulgence
  • Responsive, mobile optimized UI design
  • Ample of white space to prevent untidiness
  • Proper heading hierarchy & neat layout

UI designing demands every designer to think with different perspectives and wearing numerous stakeholders’ hat. The world is riding a mammoth wave of digital transformation leveraging unexplored avenues of brand familiarity. Thus, UI is splendidly making a mark on the technology landscape. While it is essential to get the basics right for a breath-taking design, there is a dire need to be industry ready with the present UI design trends and keep up with all the latest tools rolled up in your sleeve.



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