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Underneath Our Noses: Hidden Landmarks of New York City

Underneath Our Noses: Hidden Landmarks of New York City

New York. The Big Apple. This city is a huge place that holds its own when it comes to historical landmarks, or sometimes, even those which are not significant to history. When you are in New York, you just feel a certain energy not felt anywhere else. That is why those who apply for a New York birth certificate are very lucky to be living in a city such as this one. 

New York city has loads of destinations that tourists are very eager to see. These include The Statue of Liberty and The Empire State Building, just to name a few. It even has significant places for sports enthusiasts. 

However, as great as these destinations are, they could eventually become stale, which rarely happens. That is why, it is vital that you mix things up a little and look for places that lets you experience the city in a new way. 

  1. Radio City’s Secret Apartment

Known as the home to the New York icon Rockettes, the Radio City Music Hall holds a secret of its own. It has an apartment that no one knew about until recently. It was a secret apartment that was built for Samuel “Roxy” Rothafel by Edward Durrell Stone and Donald Deskey as thanks for the ground-breaking shows opened by Roxy. Now called Roxy Suites, no one lives there anymore since Roxy died, but it is available for rent to hold the most exclusive of events.  

  1. Track 61 Under Grand Central

Not a place to take a tourist visit but Track 61 is interesting in a sense that it was used by several past presidents to avoid being seen by the public when they enter the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Since it was abandoned 1980s, it has been home to squatters, and a antique train car remains parked there today. 

No tourist tours are being offered to the track as of yet, but those who are docents of Grand Central has been known to be offered tours. 

  1. The Blockhouse

Those who love American history not known to most would love to visit The Blockhouse. It was once a fort that held 2,000 New York militiamen in preparation for an attack by the British. No one ever did. As of today, it remains the second oldest structure in Central Park. Tours are occasionally given by Urban Park Rangers, otherwise, the structure remains closed to the public. 

  1. The Berlin Wall in Midtown

Pieces of the Berlin Wall remain standing today in different parts of the world. Five slabs of it can be found in New York, and it features an artwork by Thierry Noir, to lessen its threatening nature. Once visible from the street, it has been moved to the lobby of the building where it once was. Luckily, the lobby remains open to the public for viewing. 

New York has lesser known landmarks that those who apply for a New York birth certificatedoes not know of. What more the tourists. There are more destinations as those mentioned above, and you can find them. The Big Apple might be known for its large buildings and landmarks but hidden in its folds are things that make it more unique. It is a nice way of experiencing New York in a way that even locals might not have. 


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