Understanding Neurodiverse Families with The Mom Kind

Understanding Neurodiverse Families with The Mom Kind

We are all looking for equal representation, especially when it comes to family dynamics. With more relatable information on topics appearing on the horizon it gives optimistic hope.

More often than not, when we turn to the media or online resources, we find most discussions centered around a stereotypical human being who does not represent us. For that reason, more writers, producers, and content creators have begun to utilize their platforms to raise the voices of those who need to be heard. Alicia Trautwein, creator behind The Mom Kind, has opened the floor for neurodiverse families to find relevant information and connect with others like them.

A few years back, Alicia Trautwein had to face a new challenge. Her two youngest children were diagnosed with Autism right before she received the same diagnosis. As she turned to the internet to find resources, advice, and more information, she realized there was not enough said about women with Autism and neurodiverse families. So, what do you do when you cannot find a space where you belong? You create it yourself.

Trautwein knew there were other families in her same situation, looking for more information and someone to connect with. But because there were no designed spaces for these families to connect, she decided to start The Mom Kind guide as an expert Life Coach. It became a safe haven for individuals to read upon topics they could relate to, understand their situation better, and connect with others going through the same journey. Whether she was conscious about it or not, Alicia Trautwein opened the floor for neurodiverse families by giving them a platform to speak up and share their reality.

The beautiful thing about The Mom Kind is that it provides resources for people with different diagnoses or parents of children with various diagnoses; it allows everyone to express themselves and share tips. This blogger accepts guest posts by all sorts of writers, parents, mental health professionals who want to add their two cents to the conversation and expand mental health awareness. Thus, proving once more, you can create your own space and start a conversation on topics that need to be discussed.

Trautwein knows what it is like to feel lost or unheard, so she is very welcoming. She writes, “We want you to become a part of our extended family here at The Mom Kind! So if you see something you like (or don’t like), use those comment boxes! If there is a topic we haven’t covered yet, but you really need information on, let us know! We can’t wait to get to know you!” No one is left behind, and no one is silenced on this blog.

As a society, we are trying to advance and change the rules that have been pre-determined to silence those seen as minorities or as different from what is expected. The old way of thinking did not allow for neurodiverse families to express themselves and co-exist in peace without the fear of being called out or mistreated. But many individuals are speaking up on this topic and opening the floor for neurodiverse families to express themselves and be heard. Alicia Trautwein is one of them and has been doing a fantastic job through The Mom Kind in the last few years.

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