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Understanding Popular Tarot Card Spreads: Meanings and Symbols



Tarot has been around for at least a few centuries, and it’s nearly always been just below the surface of mainstream culture. People know about it (or of it), they might even know a bit about the meaning behind it, but they certainly didn’t understand the complex nuance behind the actual practice of tarot card reading. 

Fast forward to this current decade, and tarot it surprisingly more popular than it’s ever been. Even though our world is becoming increasingly digital-based, people are still looking for mystical interpretations of their lives

The interesting thing about this dichotomy is that the world (and humanity in general) is so technologically advanced that one might think we would cast away our ancient, mystical traditions of the past. 

However, what’s actually happened, is that people are increasingly looking within (and above) for insight (rather than looking for guidance from an algorithm, people are turning to modern-day psychics and mediums for their answers). 

Whether you’re looking for answers to a life or death situation, looking for love, or want some guidance from above, the information covered below will help you develop a deeper level of understanding (of tarot). We cover all of the basic tarot spreads, as well as some of the specific meanings behind them. You can try a free 3 card tarot online today to get immediate answers to your questions. 

Different Types of Spreads: Love, Success, and More

There are numerous types of tarot card spreads, all of which can be used for varying purposes. For example, there are spreads for love, success, and insight (as well as a host of other types). Below we go into the basics behind each major spread, as well as why you might want to use one spread over another. 

Spread for Love 

This tarot card spread is without a doubt one of the most popular (probably throughout history). Everyone wants to know what the universe has in store for them (as far as true love is concerned). This spread doesn’t just tell you what might happen to you in the future, but it’s also able to reveal some insight into any current romantic relationships you’re involved in. 

Love spreads are usually drawn with six cards. People who might benefit from this type of spread are those who have questions/concerns about their relationship(s), those looking for new love, and those who want to connect more with their partners. 

Celtic Spread 

Another one of the most common spreads is known as the “Celtic cross” spread. This method is one of the oldest surviving tarot card techniques that’s survived throughout the years. The draw method is quite complex, which is most likely why so many are drawn to it (because of the insight that lies within the complexity). 

The best time to use this type of spread would be if you’re facing an especially complex problem (or set of problems). Because there’s so much going on with this spread, it’s great for reducing complex problems into various simplifications. 

Spread for Spiritual Assistance 

If you’re seeking spiritual guidance from the universe, this is the spread that most mediums will turn to. An example of when this type of spread would come in handy is if you’re facing a challenge or set of circumstances (that’s spiritually-based). 

The cards used in this spread will be able to provide you with spiritual insight into your current situation (and allow you to approach your problems with a different viewpoint than before). 

Business Spread

Different mediums have different meanings for this spread. Some might refer to it as the “business spread” whereas others might simply call it the “success spread.” No matter what the name is, the goal is the same; helping you deal with issues related to your work. 

This is the perfect spread to go to when you’re facing doubts about your career, looking for guidance about what job you should take, or have questions about your career path. You should definitely use this type of spread if you have any doubts about your current line of work because it’s great at determining which type of role you would excel in (i.e. what your strengths are).

The information posted above is simply a primer on the topic of tarot card spreads. Additionally, different psychics might use different card formats, call spreads by other names, or use their own spreads. The important thing to remember about dealing with mediums is that you should always ask questions if you’re confused about something (or don’t understand an interpretation).



Did You Howl At The Wolf Moon?



The year’s first Full Moon, Wolf Moon, is named after howling wolves. It happened last night January 6, 2023 at 6:07 pm.
The Full Moon is a time of heightened energy, activity, and emotions. You can access the power of Full Moon energy for about a week: three days before the Full Moon, on the day, and three days after.
The Wolf Moon is all about protection, security and empowerment. It is time to face our deepest feelings and fears. Those that know who they are from the outside-in are the true Intuitive Warriors. Become the fierce protector and nurturer in your own life.
It was long thought that the wolves howled due to hunger, but it is also how they communicate with other pack members, claim their rights and make their presence known. The act of vocalizing sound from your core is cleansing and grounding, and gives your entire energetic system a thorough reset. It clear those throat and heart chakras. Take control of your reality. Express your inner truth and let that guide you. Now is the time to make your voices heard.
Now go howl!
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Psychic Predictions: Donald Trump, Biden and So Much More



There is a part of me that wonders if I should publish this. There is more, but this will let you know that everything is not as it seems. This is a spiritual battle, more than a political one. Here is what I am seeing.

War in the Ukraine! Us troops are already in the Ukraine, but China is there as well. This is not about Russia, but bio-labs and erasing evidence.

Biden is about to be removed from the presidency. Kamala Harris is not the new president when this happens. It will be Nancy Pelosi.

Donald Trump will be arrested in the next couple of days. This is not what it will seem and will last seven days and seven nights. Part of the reason for this is so it will look like the republicans will cause insurrection. Martial law will be put into place. It is not the republicans but George SOros. The question is who is under George SOros and BLM? Again not what it seems.

China will bomb Taiwan.

Russia and China will cause fear with nuclear threats.

US Guard is employed and we are not being told..

This is all about the elections. They will not happen.

Things will look scary, but do not be afraid. Shine your light and be hope for the world. It needs us to strong.

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Take Advantage of the Ancient Wisdom in Its Modern Form for a Happy Married Life!




When two people are compatible, they can understand and support each other. It is vital in a relationship, as it can help make the relationship stronger and more stable. There are many different ways to measure compatibility, but astrology is one of the most popular methods. Astrology can provide insight into the partners’ personalities and the potential challenges and obstacles that might arise in the relationship. Of course, it is essential to remember that astrology is a tool that can assess compatibility. While most believe it provides accurate predictions, you may not let it be the sole basis for making decisions about a relationship. However, it can be a helpful tool, especially when combined with other methods of compatibility assessment.

Are you or someone from your loved ones planning to marry soon? If you don’t want to go through the traditional process of approaching an astrologer because of all the hassle or busy schedule, don’t worry! Online astrology sites are there to help. Virtual services can offer precise calculations based on the details you furnish, such as your date of birth, time, and place. Many people use these tools to find a perfect match for a wedding partner. It can be worth matching the Kundli. After all, compatibility between partners can help sort out many life problems and open new avenues for happiness and growth.

Kundali or Horoscope Matching

A Kundli matching astrology service can help couples plan their entire life together before they even say ‘I do.’ Hindu scriptures consider marriage a crucial moment in your life that they believe is predetermined before your birth.

How does this process work?

When selecting a life partner, compatibility testing is critical in determining whether or not the two of you will be happy together as a married couple. Compatibility can affect almost all aspects of your marriage relationship, including how your lives will progress along with some other things.

Generally, this astrological method of determining a match uses the Ashtkoot Milan (8-point checking) system that calculates the level of compatibility between two people by analyzing their birth star charts and forecasting their upcoming marital happiness and stability. They can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. The eight-point checking compares the 36 Gunas (characteristics) between the two. If your Kundlis score higher, it means the match is suitable or perfect. The higher, the better! A good pair usually gets 18 scores. However, if the score is lower, it may not be too favorable, whether opting for arranged or love marriage. Leveraging this ancient Hindu wisdom may be wise.

Astrology and Guna Milan are two ancient Indian practices that are still relevant to help people find their ideal partner. Astrology studies the behavior of the planets and stars, and Guna Milan is a system of matching a prospective partner’s horoscope with the person they are interested in marrying. Both these practices believe that the universe is orderly and that the position of the planets and stars influences human lives.

For those looking for true fulfillment in their lives, matchmaking readings can help them find the right partner who, when married, can contribute not only to their happiness but also to the creation of memories that will last for years and benefit society as a whole.



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