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Understanding the Basics and Applications of Big Data – How Can a Remote DBA Expert Help You?

Understanding the Basics and Applications of Big Data – How Can a Remote DBA Expert Help You?


The term, “Big Data,” has been buzzing everywhere these days. Some people have a clear conception about it, though most of the people do not know actual significance of big data even though they have come across this term quite a lot in internet discussions as well as debates. So, what is big data all about? Why has it become the center of all discussions these days? All these questions shall be answered below. Nevertheless, we shall find other aspects of big data. It is important to know for everyone how big data can be applied. So, get ready for more insight on it in the following section of this article.

Every business, belonging to small or large scale group, is interested in investing money into big data. There are certain benefits which businesses can avail by indulging time as well as money in it. Those benefits should be noted in the first place in order to understand big data properly. Those benefits are:

  • Big data caters instant insights from diverse sources of data.
  • With big data technologies, a huge amount of data can be managed.
  • Through real-time analytics, business performance can be enhanced.
  • Big data also contributes seamlessly in mitigating risks. It will offer better risk analysis process.

Components of Big Data

Different people have proposed different theories to make the process of understanding big data seamless. In short, big data is comprised of three major components. These components are known as volume, velocity, veracity, and variety. In other words, big data consists of four ‘V’s. These ‘V’s are discussed in the following section of this article.

  • Volume: More than 6 million people are using digital media, and thus huge digital data is generated on a daily basis.
  • Velocity: It helps to understand the speed at which data is emanating.
  • Variety: Digital data is unstructured in nature. In most of the cases, they could be found in an unstructured format.
  • Veracity:A lot of businesses are not sure about using data properly.

Based on all these factors and facts related to data, the theory of big data has been evolved. Now, it is worth to understand different applications of big data. How can it be fruitful in real life? How can it be a game changer for the contemporary businesses these days? Answers to all these questions have been discussed in the following section.

Industries That Are Propelled by Big Data

Different industries or field are driven by big data these days. In fact, without big data, it would be difficult to deal with these trading fields. The contribution of big data has already become an integral element for these businesses. So, here are the businesses that have been immensely benefitted with big data.

Healthcare Sector for Big Data

The healthcare sector is the most important sector where the application of big data can be noted. Not just healthcare, sectors related to health care have also been benefitted with big data. For example, pharmacy or medicine sector is the direct beneficiary of the big data. Today, most of the healthcare centers focus on creating a medical history of patients. Even before the advent of the computer, it used to be done. But, at that time a lot of drawbacks were present. Keeping such records was a difficult thing. It was quite impossible to create a separate medical history file for each patient. Hanks to digitalization, it has become possible.

Most of the healthcare centers generate a medical history of the patients. This database can bring a lot of changes to the approach in providing treatment services at the healthcare centers. In emergency situations, doctors do not have to worry about getting crucial data related to the health of patients. For example, some patients are allergic to certain medicines. If doctors have that information beforehand, they would not suggest the medicines that cause allergic reactions in patients. Doctors will also have information past disease of the patients. Basically, such information will help doctors to offer quick and seamless treatment to patients in emergency situations.

The contribution of Big Data in Public Sector

At various public sector departments, use of big data and proper digital database can be noted. Data is important for running various departments smoothly. Public sector departments work in favor of the people. These departments focus on infrastructure, public health, and various other sectors. To understand the performance of the different private sector departments, big data is required. With data, it would be easier to analyze the performance of public sector departments. It will be easier to understand the flaws of different public sector departments. Most importantly, public sector department achievements with respect to the aims can be judged with precision. All these things will help in to bring mobility or fluency in the public sector.

Education Sector and Big Data

The education sector is immensely benefitted with big data and digital database management. Education is an important sector where lack of data can cause some disastrous results. A school needs data to make vital decisions for the students. It needs data to make certain changes so that education reaches to all in more seamless as well as interactive manner. An educational institution can have its unique database of the students, faculties and other non-teaching staffs. Having information on everyone will help to create better educational policies for the future. Education is absolutely important and with big data revolution can be attained in this industry.

Essence and Importance of Big Data in the Insurance Industry

Insurance is such an industry which has been considered highly important for every developing country. Insurance companies are bringing different kinds of new policies so that it could be easier to make new policies for the people, as per their requirements. Nevertheless, insurance companies are required to manage the client database with accuracy. Information on the clients is the key for the insurance businesses. Hence, big data plays a major role in this field.

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Overall, big data has been considered as immensely important as well as useful for various trading industries. With the effective use of big data and seamless database management, it would be easier to manage certain businesses belonging to certain industries.

Author bio: In this post, the author Mark Stevenson has shown the importance of database applications. He has given a basic outline of the database here for the benefits of the readers. At the same time, he has also highlighted

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